Young Heroes of Moveolution 2015

Moveolution 2015 group tshirt

The last week showed how influential and effective young people can be at reaching their peers. It only takes a few who are intentional and courageous. During Moveolution, 24 teenagers spent their afternoons and evenings reaching out to other young people. They built relationships, played games, and engaged with each other’s life stories.

In any story, the hero is the one who models courage and acts with boldness. Well throughout Moveolution, the young heroes were the teenagers who took bold steps daily to bring Christ’s message of hope to their peers in Bicester.

It’s someone like Grace, who was visibly nervous about sharing her faith with others. By the final day, she had stepped out of her shell. She realised she didn’t have to be ashamed to share her faith because God would bring people along who would relate to her experiences and she’d be able to encourage them. She showed a boldness in her conversations with others and left with a newfound courage and trust in God.

It’s someone like Paul, who was the youngest member of the Moveolution team. He got to share his life story and journey with Jesus even in intimidating circumstances. God gave him a unique ability to engage with the younger aged kids and he excelled at that during the afternoon ministry times.

It’s someone like Brush, who didn’t know any other young people on the team. Yet, he became adored by everyone and modeled excitement and openness. He got to share his testimony for the first time and had so much joy from sharing about Jesus with others. He experienced a new community of Christian youth and left with lasting memories.

These heroes shared their personal stories of hard times, hope in Christ and helpful encouragement. The community in Bicester was left changed with traces of God’s work all around town. It’s a reminder that a few young people truly can make a difference when they are equipped to step out in faith and choose to do so with intentionality and courage.


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