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“To me the degree was never about papers or marks. The tutors always communicated that what we learn is for the purpose of serving people. I learned how to work with people by applying the Bible to real-life situations.  It also helped me to lead by showing me different biblical leaders and also modelled different leadership styles. I would rather call it a ‘school of life’ than a degree course.”

Sarah K
Sarah Keshtkaran:   Hamburg, Germany.  Missionary/Author/Mother

Reign Ministries

Our team first formed in 2001, bonded together by a belief that youth ministries can be effective when built on the methods Jesus used to make disciples.

21 years later we are providing training to lots of great youth leaders with a passion to reach and disciple young people, with the bonus of a degree programme.  Our BA (Hons) in Theology, Mission and Ministry, with a specialism in Youth Work is run in partnership with ForMission College as their Youth Ministry Campus.

Degree Delivery

Many people, like you and the Reign Ministries team, have a heart to work alongside young people, and see them become all they can possibly be. By joining this Reign Ministries programme, your passion will be fostered, your understanding of the Bible will grow, you’ll understand yourself better and see how you can impact young people with God’s love more effectively, and you’ll do all this in your own church while you earn a degree.  Or we’ll help you find a church or youth organisation if that’s necessary.  Don’t leave your church to go and study; study while you stay in your church!

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During your time with us, we aim to facilitate your growth in the following five areas of formation:


Everyone will do a placement throughout their three years of study, doing youth work in a local church or youth work project. Weekly cluster groups then provide further support and care as students share ministry updates, pray for one another and receive other leadership training from our talented cluster leaders. Cluster groups are usually done online with each group typically consisting of around 4-6 students, from all of the year groups, and one or two cluster leaders.


The degree is designed so that all the teaching that students receive is relevant and applicable within their youth ministry setting. It further ensures the training fits a real world scenario, and doesn’t come from a classroom that has lost touch with the outside world.


We have six residential teaching weeks a year, or, ‘conferences’. These give you the opportunity to gather with students and leaders from across the UK, and it is in these weeks that you will receive all the teaching for your modules. Alongside this there is space for creating community together, through shared meals, social times and communal worship. 

No week in ministry is the same as another, but typically you can expect to do:

  • 12-20 hours of youth ministry.
  • 10-15 hours personal study towards the degree.
  • 2 hour weekly meeting with your coach and cluster.
  • Personal day off with no youth ministry or degree responsibilities.
  • Bi-monthly, 5 day conferences for training, teaching and spiritual/personal time.

Degree Content

Though this degree is practical we also aim to cover a broad range of subjects to suitably equip our students for a life of ministry. Over the course of three years, students can expect to learn subjects in the areas of Mission, History of the Church and Biblical studies. Each year will have specific modules that focus on Youth Ministry and the tools needed to develop and grow ministry, specific to the students placement.

We are passionate about seeing a new generation of leaders trained and equipped for a life of ministry. If you think this might be something you’re interested in, then click the links below to find out more. Or keep scrolling to fill in the form and request a prospectus.

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