Why We’re Walking to Raise Funds

The 15th of June will be a different workday for Reign Ministries staff. Instead of being sat at a desk, calling students on Zoom in their placements or recruiting next year’s students we’ll be lacing up our boots and walking a combined 100 miles together!

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We’ll start the morning in Abingdon and the plan is to walk to Oxford centre.

All being well (and the same amount of people at the finish line that started!) we’ll hope to have successfully raised £2500 at the end of the day.


As with most charities, fundraising is an annual reality and we’re no different. Yet we’re so chuffed with how our staff are throwing themselves into this challenge. Various personal training walks have already taken place by various members and the sponsor pledges and finance has already started to appear. Comprised of current or past youth workers, Reign’s team has each written a personal blurb on why they are walking on the 15th and how each pound raised will help with their own sphere of Reign but also the entire ministry.

From practical and hands on support for our students, to the future vision or even just the boring old bills that have to be paid every month we are so excited for how this money can be used for God’s kingdom and training youth workers up and down the country who will in turn impact hundreds to thousands of young people for Christ.

You may be reading this and feel a stirring to help us, to partner with us in training more youth leaders.  As well as seeking financial donations, we are also hoping to enlist the help of one or two local supporters to help us on the day of the walk with tea/coffee provisions or to transport the team from the end of the walk back to where our cars are parked at the start.  Or why not consider joining us for the walk, even if you can’t commit to fundraising?  Email us here if you’d like to know more about this.  Without supporters and donors, our ministry simply won’t exist!

To read each staff member’s story or donate please click on the link below to our dedicated 100 mile walk page.

Charlie Morris

Charlie helps much of the behind the scenes work happen smoothly. He heads up our Operations, Recruitment and Donor Support Teams. He first started as a volunteer youth leader back in 1988, and has worked in churches and Christian youth organisations in Australia, England and Scotland.

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