Who And What Is Behind Our Degree?


Who is behind the degree?

Reign Ministries operates as a Campus for ForMission College, running their BA (Hons) in Theology, Mission and Ministry with a Youth Work specialism. ForMission College started as a mission college in 1980 seeking to impact future church leaders. 

This degree course is awarded by Newman University and is assessed in a multitude of ways. This includes written assessments, debates, and live presentations. Newman University started in 1968 as a Catholic centre for training local primary and secondary teachers. It gained university status in 2013 and has a reputation for being highly student-focussed.

How is the degree delivered?

The degree content is continually reviewed to ensure that what is being delivered is up-to-date and relevant for the ever evolving societies we find ourselves in.

The course is delivered in the following ways:

  • Through six facilitated learning weeks throughout the year
  • Weekly online clusters with other fellow students
  • Independent study
  • Practical work-based learning (at least 12 hours a week)

One of the great benefits of our course is the relevant nature of the content. Through receiving content during our conference weeks, students can do their practical experience anywhere, travelling to and from conference, and applying what they are learning as they go. 

For much of the last two years, during the pandemic, our teaching was delivered online. Students were still able gather for conference where they received learning, fellowship and community. Now that the world is opening up again, we were able to reintroduce our in-person teaching from September 2021.

Regardless of the way the teaching is delivered, the ability to spend so many hours each week working in your local church or youth project ensures your learning is relevant to real world situations. The integration between classroom and youth ministry is seamless.


Whilst being stretched academically, students will also receive appropriate support from our on-campus staff to help them thrive personally and spiritually.

The course aims to train leaders and workers to be effective missional practitioners for Jesus.  It covers modules on areas like Theology, Biblical Studies, and Mission History. Click here for more details of the modules that are currently being covered. It also seeks to develop each student individually in the following five key areas:

  • Personal Formation
  • Intellectual Formation
  • Ministry Formation
  • Missional Formation
  • Spiritual Formation.

Whilst being stretched academically, students will also receive appropriate support from our on-Campus staff to help them thrive personally and spiritually.

The degree is ideal for those who love Jesus and love young people, and who are thinking about leadership. There’s a place for you on our programme from September – are you ready to request a prospectus?

James Yielder

James is on the Degree team and is our Formation Tutor for Reign Ministries. James graduated from Moorlands Theological College and worked as an Assistant Youth Minister at Knowle Parish Church near Solihull before joining Reign staff. James brings a passion to encourage students and attention to detail into his role as Formation Director. When not working with Reign, James leads the youth ministry with his wife in Aylesbury.

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