When God’s calling doesn’t fit our thinking.

Most people associate university study with being highly academical and breezing through
high school. It then results in years of hard study and theoretical thought before you get to
operate in the real world. The BA in Theology and Mission (with a youth ministry specialism)
from Reign Ministries offers a very different experience than this.

Through her own words, Abigail describes herself as not being the ideal university student
nor having the qualities often expected for a youth minister. She is now in her second year
of study with Reign Ministries and is thriving in her church placement near Edinburgh.


We asked Abigail to describe herself and how she came to study with Reign Ministries when
she never thought this would be an option after finishing high school early.

“I was never one for academics; I wasn’t engaged with the school curriculum very much, so
when I left High School early, I never thought I’d go into further education. Of course, God
took me on a different path and now I’m a second year at Reign Ministries. It’s been a crazy
journey but I’ve honestly loved it. 

Before starting the degree, I had only been a Christian for three years and in fact, looking
back I really didn’t know much about the Bible. However, I loved Jesus and I had a hunger to
learn more about his word and I was willing to be challenged about my views and values. 

Studying Theology and Ministry has given me the confidence and tools to start exploring the Bible deeper and helped me grasp the overarching story of the Bible

Studying Theology and Ministry has given me the confidence and tools to start exploring the
Bible deeper and helped me grasp the overarching story of the Bible. Reign Ministries have
also equipped me with the confidence to speak to young people about the gospel and do
God’s mission effectively.

There’s a lot of room for honesty and support at Reign Ministries. As a relatively new
Christian who hasn’t done a lot of leadership, I mess up a lot, but that’s okay because I know
I have the support of my classmates and my placement church. Reign Ministries don’t
expect you to be perfect and they cultivate a family culture which encourages us all to strive
to be more like Jesus every day and disciple others in a relationship with the Living God.”


Perhaps you’ve been too quick to rule yourself out of contention for this programme with
your “I can’t…” and “I could never…” statements about yourself. Abigail is testament to the
fact that not excelling in school or being a relatively new Christian, or even messing up in
lots of areas of life, does not disqualify you from the possible calling on your life of impacting
young people with all the good news of Jesus.

Why don’t you plan to attend our next Open Day to get a feel of what it would be like to be
doing this course yourself, and talk to other students like Abigail who didn’t think they would
ever do something like this?


This article was written by one of our past or current students, for a first hand feel of what the Reign Degree Program is like.

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