What I’ve gained from being in Greenhouse by Guest Authors

My name is Sören Rodemann.  I am from Germany, and I joined Greenhouse seven months ago.  Since that time, God has started to change my life in an amazing way.  I would like to share a few reasons with you about why I am so excited to be part of Greenhouse.

  1. Growing in my relationship with God: He surprises me every time!  In the last seven months, my relationship with God has become more important and more heart intensive.  I have learned through different circumstances to put my trust in Him and follow Him only.
  2. Experiencing different youth ministry opportunities: When I first started Greenhouse I was really nervous, because I haven’t worked much with young people. I was brave enough to start something new and God used it!  I have gotten to know a lot of people and have been able to build up a good relationship with a few people. Through different ministry opportunities (mentoring, after-school drop-in´s, Gospel Communities, etc. ) I am able to use my gifts and talents.
  3. Discovering purpose for my life: I love Greenhouse because I am able to dream and explore my personality and strengths away from my home and normal environment. God has spoken into my life, and step by step I am able to put different puzzles together to find the next step after Greenhouse that God wants for me.
  4. Growing as a leader: Greenhouse has stretched me in different ways!  In February I had the opportunity to co-lead a team of young people on a mission-trip to Moldova. I was challenged to think about how I can lead and use my skills.  I discovered that I am a leader that God can use to lead others closer to Him.
  5. Living in different country: I am blessed to be England where I am able get to know the culture and language, drink lots of English tea, and enjoy the wonderful English weather.  I miss my family much, but I’ve found a wonderful international family.



Kyle has 25 years experience working with young people. He directs the daily operations of Reign Ministries and oversees the team to work out the disciple-making vision.

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