What Can Happen When We Train Our Teams in Discipleship?

Josh and Gareth share how their teams have developed a vision for their youth ministry. How are they starting to see it come to life with the help of Learning Community?

Learning Community is our residential volunteer training programme which runs across training weekends throughout the year. Each cycle is three years long. As the end of our latest cycle comes to a close, Gareth and Josh reflect on their time with learning community and what they have gained as a team.

Gareth is a Pioneer Minister, vicar, in Aylesbury with Berryfields church. After planting a church on a new housing estate and setting up a youth ministry in the area, they wanted to receive more training to help give their youth ministry a solid foundation.

Three years later, they have developed a mentoring pipeline where they are training leaders to mentor young leaders to mentor the young people in their youth ministry. They are seeing relational youth work happen in their church.

Josh, a youth leader in Redditch, was encouraged by one of the other youth leaders in his team. Danielle has been on the Gap Year and Degree programme with Reign Ministries and wanted to share discipleship training with her team.

At the same time, Josh wanted to invest in training. As a result, they have not only seen the benefits in their youth ministry, but have started investing in the churches around them. They would love to see all the churches in their area flourishing in their youth ministry.

Watch their stories here. If you are interested in training your youth team and church leaders, you can find out more about Volunteer Training here. Or you can Get in Touch!

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