What And How Our Students Learn

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What Will I Study?

“What will the content be?” is a really important question to ask when researching a degree. Here’s what you can expect when doing a Theology Degree with Reign Ministries.

Each year students will receive sessions covering modules in Biblical Studies, Theology and Youth Work. Also, over the three years, students will look at Mission, Themes in Culture and Sociology, Apologetics, and Forming Missional Communities. In the final year students will do a Dissertation/Work Project.”  You can find a more detailed list here on our website.

Each year consists of six modules with two assessment pieces.  The training is highly practical, yet academically stretching, as any study at undergraduate degree level should be.

How Will I Learn Without An On-Campus Library?

Although there are times of facilitated learning during our six conferences throughout the year, much of the learning our students do is reliant on self-study.

During their time training with us students will be asked to purchase several books to further their learning within each module. These books will range from general works like McGrath’s Introduction to Christian Theology, to more specialised books such as Powell, Mulder and Griffin’s Growing Young.

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Our aim is to give students every opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Most modules will come with recommended or required reading. Students will also have access to excerpts from other useful resources such as articles and journals through an online library resource called EBSCO. In addition to these, individual facilitators will recommend other books for those students who desire to go deeper into subjects.

There is an expectation that students will read and research beyond what is delivered through the classroom. This, in turn, will maximise their knowledge and understanding of topics relevant to their current and future ministry.

At first glance much of this may feel daunting. However, Reign Ministries’ students are fully supported and guided along the way. With small class sizes and easy access to class facilitators, there is no chance of students getting lost in a system. At Reign Ministries we strive to care holistically for each student. Our aim is to give students every opportunity to thrive and succeed.

If doing a Theology Degree with Reign Ministries is something you’re thinking of doing, why not click the link below?

James Yielder

James is on the Degree team and is our Formation Tutor for Reign Ministries. James graduated from Moorlands Theological College and worked as an Assistant Youth Minister at Knowle Parish Church near Solihull before joining Reign staff. James brings a passion to encourage students and attention to detail into his role as Formation Director. When not working with Reign, James leads the youth ministry with his wife in Aylesbury.

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