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The BA (Hons) in Theology, Mission and Ministry, specialising in Youth Work provides you with a balance of theology, practical teaching, personal study and practice (which we call ‘work-based learning’ at a church or organisation).

The BA is delivered by ForMission College through a combination of two residential conferences, weekly online classes, and weekly cluster groups.

Content & Learning

You will be led in facilitated classes covering the degree modules. These will take place both online and in person:

  • In person: twice yearly in person at a conference in September and April. These conferences are currently held at The Poplars in Ledbury, roughly an hour south of Birmingham
  • Online: in between these conferences, classes will take place online one day a week. These will be no more than 4 hours in total.

The course is delivered across three years* where you will take 120 credits for each year. Each module is worth 20 credits, with a 40-credit research project in your third year.

The degree programme is assessed in different ways. The assessments vary in style to help highlight the strengths of different students. These include written assignments, work-based learning reports, sermons and presentations. Many of these assessments will incorporate reflections around your youth ministry placement. All are submitted and market electronically.

You will also have to complete a Personal Development Portfolio to reflect on your practice each year. This is tailored to help you see how God is working through your ministry and it allows you to track your personal, intellectual, missional, ministry and spiritual growth.

*unless you are beginning with the Foundation Year.


These modules are correct for the academic year beginning 2023.

Year 1

  • Reading and Interpreting the Old Testament
  • Introduction to Christian Theology
  • Culture and Sociology for Youth Mission
  • Mission and Youth Ministry
  • Reading and Interpreting the New Testament
  • Mission History of the Church

Year 2

  • Ecclesiology and Pneumatology
  • Intermediate Biblical Studies
  • Apologetics and Missional Ethics
  • Church and Youth Ministry
  • Research Skills

Year 3

  • Dissertation
  • Scripture from a Missional Perspective
  • Missio Dei and Contextual Theology

Foundation Year*

  • Introduction to Theological English
  • Academic Skills
  • Biblical and Theological Foundations
  • Critical Thinking
  • Christian Beliefs and Practices
  • Introduction to Youth Ministry

*Foundation Year will be offered subject to availability.

Year 2 & 3 Elective Modules

The following modules will be delivered in a combined class of year 2s and 3s. They will be delivered on a rolling basis to ensure that all students cover each of the modules.

  • Leading Youth Teams
  • Leading and Forming Disciples in Youth Ministry
  • Missional Leadership in Youth Ministry
  • Change Management and Conflict Resolution in Youth Ministry

Hubs & Work-Based Learning Providers (WBLP)


We encourage our applicants to move to one of our Ministry Training Hubs across the UK. Each student is based at a different church or youth organisation within the area. This will act as your WBLP. It is here that you will participate in at least 12 hours of ministry a week, as required by the degree. These hours will be negotiated by yourself, your WBLP and Reign Ministries.

Not only will this be the base for your work-based learning hours and clusters, but it is here that you will form bonds with other local youth ministers.

Our desire is that through these Ministry Training Hubs, localised movements of disciple-making can happen.


Cluster is a small group of students, usually from your Ministry Training Hub, which meets weekly with your experienced Hub Leader. This is a space not only to gain practical training that enhances your degree experience, but also a space to receive support and prayer from both your leader and the other students.


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Our twice-yearly conferences in September and April are times to come together face-to-face with your student peers and some of the Reign Ministries team.

Conferences are an opportunity to deepen your youth ministry knowledge and skills. They are also a key time to grow in your relationships both with God and with other students.

As well as some of your classes, there is a designated time for tutorial sessions. Tutorials are a time to discuss anything related to the course or your assessments for extra guidance.

A normal conference week consists of interactive teaching, personal time, prayer ministry and worship, with plenty of time for socialising thrown in. These times are perfect opportuinities to meet with teachers, staff and visiting guests who may be coming in from other youth ministry movements.

We currently meet at The Poplars, situated in Ledbury with beautiful views of the Malvern Hills. Their facilities include sports and games rooms, lounges and 5km walking/running routes around the site.

Conference Dates

Academic Year 2024/25

  • 23rd – 27th September (including 24hr retreat with ForMission)
  • 28th April – 2nd May (including 24hr retreat with ForMission)

The dates for academic year 2024-2025 may change ahead of time. Students will be made aware of any changes well in advance.

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