Degree Structure

The BA(Hons) in Theology and Mission, specialising in Youth Ministry, provides you with  a balance of practical, and practice (which we call ‘work based learning’, at a church or an organisation) and personal study.

You will have time to meet with your Reign Ministries Coach, Church Line Manager and Cluster for personal and spiritual support. Cluster is a small group of 3-45 students and your coach, which meets weekly. This is an opportunity for you to be encouraged and supported in your  practice, study and any personal challenges which you might be facing.

We appreciate that no week is the same in ministry, but typically you can expect to do:

  • 12-20 hours of youth ministry
  • 10-15 hours personal study towards The Degree.
  • 2 hour weekly meeting with your coach and cluster
  • Personal day off with no youth ministry or degree responsibilities
  • Bi-monthly, week conferences for training, lectures and spiritual/personal time.

The BA is delivered by ForMission College through a combination of residential conferences and weekly mentoring. You will attend six residential conferences per year where you will be led in guided facilitations covering the BA(Hons) in Theology and Mission modules. Lectures are interactive, and tutors take time to help you apply your learning to placement ministries. In between conferences and cluster meetings, you will spend 10-15 hours per week in personal reading, studying and essay writing. To hear what students are learning at conference, watch the short video.

You will attend a weekly cluster with other youth ministry trainees.  An experienced cluster leader will help support you and oversee your practical training.  You will participate in at least 12 hours of ministry a week. The hours you spend in ministry are a requirement of the degree.

In between conferences and cluster meetings, you will spend 10-15 hours per week in personal reading, studying and essay writing. Essays and coursework are submitted electronically to be marked and recorded.

Degree Modules

The course is delivered across three years, where you will receive 120 credits for each year. Each module is worth 20 credits, with an optional 40 credit dissertation in your third year. If you choose not to do the dissertation you may do two 20 credit modules instead.

The BA (Hons) in Theology and Mission is assessed in different styles. The assessments vary  in  style to help highlight the strengths of different students. These include written assignments, work based learning reports, sermons and presentations. Often, these assessments will incorporate reflecting on your youth ministry placement. All are submitted and marked electronically.

You will also have a Personal Development Portfolio to reflect on your practice each year.This is tailored to help you see how God is working through your practice and track your personal, intellectual, missional, ministry and spiritual growth

Theological Degree 1

First Year Modules

  • Introduction to the Old & New Testament
  • Introduction to Christian Theology
  • Mission History of the Church
  • Mission in a Multicultural Pluralistic Society
  • Themes in Cultures & Sociology
  • Mission & Youth Ministry
Theological Degree 2

Second Year Modules

  • Ecclesiology & Pneumatology
  • Intermediate Biblical Studies
  • Apologetics
  • Forming Missional Communities
  • Leading Youth Teams
  • Leading & Forming Disciples
Theological Degree 3

Third Year Modules

  • Culture in Scripture & Mission
  • Mission, Church & Missio Dei 
  • Missional Leadership in Youth Ministry (20 Credits)
  • Change Management & Conflict Resolution in Youth Ministry (20 Credits)
  • Dissertation OR Essay Assignment and Placement Project Reflective Assignment (40 Credits)

Conference Weeks

Our Conference Weeks are the residential weeks when lectures are delivered by our widely experienced team of facilitators. As well as lectures, there is designated time for tutorial sessions. Tutorials are a time to discuss anything related to the course or your assessments for extra guidance.  Our desire is for all our students to graduate but we want more than that! Conferences are an opportunity to deepen understanding but they are a key time for relationships to grow in your relationship with God and develop your relationships with other Degree and Gap Year students.

There are plenty of opportunities and space in the timetable to socialise and have personal time. You can make use of The Poplars facilities which includes; Swimming pool, sports and games rooms, lounges, or walking or running routes within a 5 km site perimeter in front of the Malvern Hills.

A normal conference week consists of interactive lectures, personal time, prayer ministry time and worship. We eat meals together as well. These times are perfect opportunities to meet with visiting guests who may be coming in from youth ministry movements, lecturers and staff.

Conference Dates (2020-21)

7th – 11th SEPTEMBER ’20

2nd – 6th NOVEMBER ’20

13th – 17th JANUARY ’21

1st – 5th MARCH ’21

26th – 30th APRIL ’21

31st MAY – 5th JUNE ’21

You may visit us at a conference week on an Open Day,  where you can meet our current students, gap year students, staff and alumni. There are also opportunity to taste lectures share in our community.

To see more about our open days, please click here