Costs and Entry Requirements

Costs and Funding

We are working to make practical, theological training as accessible as possible. We aim to make the degree as affordable as possible for the level of qualification and input received by the student.

Most UK students may be able to access funding support from Student Finance England/Student Loans Company or the equivalent body in the devolved nations.

Students will need to live in the area covered by a hub, or have the opportunity to move. Accommodation will be discussed and arranged in liaison with the WBLP church and the hub leader. Some churches may provide a small stipend to assist with living costs.

We do not currently offer visas for any students outside of the UK.

Costs For Students

Tuition Fees: £7750/year (from September 2024)

Conference Delivery Fees: £250/year (subject to annual increase in line with inflation). Instalment plans are available.

Additional Costs:

  • Students will be expected to have suitable computer and internet access to complete assessments. Please note that a mobile phone or tablet will be insufficient.
  • Students will need to arrange travel logistics to and from conferences and clusters (in person where possible). Conferences are currently held in Ledbury, HR8 1QY.
  • ForMission provides books, journals, and sections of books wherever possible. Students will be expected to buy some books. This will typically cost £125 per year.
  • Most students like to celebrate their success at the end of their degree by attending graduation. Hiring a gown for the ceremony cost £50 in 2021.

For more information about additional costs please refer to the ForMission website.

Costs For Your Youth Ministry Placement

Each student is placed within a church or youth ministry project which acts as their placement (Work Based Learning Provider) within one of our Ministry Hubs. There are two scenarios for arranging your youth ministry placement, depending on your location and church networks:

  1. Your current church or youth project could be connected with one of our Ministry Hubs

    Costs payable by the WBLP: £1,000/year
  2. We place you within a church or youth project connected within one of our Ministry Hubs

    Costs payable by the WBLP: £2,600/year

Click here to see more details about costs for the placement.

Entry Requirements

At this point in time you may be nearing the end of school, or alternatively you might have been out of education for a while. We want this course to be as accessible as possible for you. If you are passionate about increasing your leadership skills, theological knowledge, or being equipped for discipleship centered youth ministry, then we want to try and make this happen for you.

You will find the current entry requirements for ForMission College here. There are plenty of options for those wishing to explore the degree. To talk through these options further please get in touch.

If you do not have the required qualifications or you are hesitant to launch straight into a degree, then we also offer a Foundation Year. This provides students with an opportunity to gain key academic skills ahead of doing the degree. Find out more here.

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