Church and Ministry Leaders

The success of the student is not just based on their classroom learning but on the ministry experiences they will gain working alongside you within your church or youth organisation. Your ability to support and develop them alongside our training and coaching will produce great leaders for the UK church. More information will be available to download soon, but as every church and organisation is unique we recommend getting in touch and having a conversation with us.

What other leaders have said about having a student:

“Our students have loved the course and have responded well to the content and the fellowship.  I would totally recommend this course to someone else, especially in the light of the lack of Scottish training just now.”

Andy Chittick, Young Life International

“I would recommend the course. The college is very easy to work with, paperwork for line managers is not extensive at all, and I truly believe that there is as much focus on the academic side of the course as the personal development of the student and that is a great strength and very refreshing.”

Ross Watters, Gorebridge Parish Church

“The course is a great blend of practical and academic training which provides a great foundation for future ministry.  The student is able to implement what they learn during their studies in a real environment under the support and supervision of their mentor.  I would recommend the course as I feel that although studied mostly at a distance, the creative way the college operates, through cluster groups and video contact, ensures that the student is not isolated.”

John Rollo, New Life Shetland

Church Leader Info Form

Work Based Learning Provider Contact Form

Thanks for taking the time to consider the possibility of hosting a student. Fill in your info in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.


What is the theological background of the course?

We work with a wide range of denominations and networks .We also believe and teach that a strong understanding of Missio Dei and following the methods of Jesus can revive the church.

Who are the facilitators?

Our teaching faculty are experienced missional practitioners; they have experience of church planting, church leadership, youth ministry and are active in mission. They are also qualified at a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral level.

What are the costs involved?

The church/organisation come to an agreement with the student on accommodation, travel to conference and youth ministry expenses. There is also an annual placement fee of £1000, or £2600 per year if Reign Ministries has provided the student. This may vary if the hub provides additional support and resources.

What do we need to provide?

The Work Based Learning Provider needs to provide a line manager and create a job description for the student. An arrangement should be reached with the student around accommodation and other expenses.

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