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At Reign Ministries we believe that youth ministry across the UK needs leaders who are infusing their youth ministry with Jesus’ timeless methods of discipleship. We are committed to investing in leaders who are passionate about Jesus and want to see youth ministry in the UK transformed

We partner with ForMission College to deliver the BA (Hons) in Theology, Mission and Ministry, with a specialism in Youth Work. It is accredited by Newman University, Birmingham. This course is focused on your personal, intellectual, missional, ministry and spiritual formation.

Our team of facilitators provide a combination of in-person and oniline teaching sessions. These are designed to encourage students to discuss and form ideas around a variety of subjects, tailored towards applying leadering to individual ministry contexts.

Not only will you combine theological study with practical work-based learning, but you will receive support and community through our Ministry Hubs spread throughout the UK. Applicants will be encouraged to moved/be based in a church within one of these Hubs, which will act as their Work-Based Learning Provider.

Our Hubs provide the base for community, a value we hold highly. Here you will share life, ministry, and attend weekly clusters, where you will recieve coaching, prayer and learn key disciple-making tools.

Our desire is for all our students to graduate, but we want more than that. Our hope is that by the end of your degree you will have grown holistically. Hubs, Clusters and Conferences are key spaces for this growth to happen and for you to thrive.

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