The Stir Pack

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What is The Stir Pack?

Do you ever feel like you are answering questions that young people are not asking? The Stir Pack provides a new starting point for helping youth who are not interested in God to explore Christian faith.

Over six weeks young people get to experience spiritual thoughts and feelings in an effort to locate their soul.

The Stir Pack prepares the way for the relevance of the gospel by answering the question “why should I even think about God in the first place?”
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The Stir Pack is designed for relational youth ministry and can be used one-on-one or in small groups.
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The Stir Pack helps you to stir up spiritual thoughts, emotions and questions that lie dormant within people in an effort to help them discover they have a spirit or soul.

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The Stir Pack includes six soul-stirring sessions. It’s pocket-sized and each lesson takes about 15-25 minutes.


What are people saying?

“If you know young people who are not ready for Alpha or Christianity Explored, that’s where The Stir Pack comes in…”

-Joy, Youth Leader, Bicester

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 “I love the way that a relationship with Jesus is presented as something to experience and not just learn about.”

-Kate, Youth Leader, Kent

How do ordinary people use The Stir Pack? Kate from Kent is using it. Read her story here.


Find the additional resources and videos you need to run a Stir group.

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What do I do after Stir Pack One?

We believe evangelism is a process. Stir Pack Two can take young people one step closer to understanding the relevance of the gospel for their lives.

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Darin and Joy would love to meet you and answer any questions you might have about how to use the STIR Pack to move young people from social interactions to spiritual conversations.

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