How one Kent youth volunteer is “Stirring Up” hearts and minds and pointing them to Jesus

Stir Pack

Mythbuster: Teenagers just aren’t interested in Spiritual things

Updated: 24 Mar 2016 | Posted by: kmckinnon

There is something I’ve noticed. Churches want to reach youth, but they often have no idea how. They have bought into the myth that all we can expect to do is keep teenagers plied with squash, biscuits and Bible stories and that some day they might remember those nice people at the church and come […]

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Starting Spiritual Conversations

Updated: 4 Sep 2015 | Posted by: mernsbarger

We are always looking for ways to get a feel for what young people think about God and to bring God into our conversations.  Sometimes it’s challenging to think of new ways to do this week after week.  Here is a simple tool that we have used in lunch club and drop-in settings to get […]

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