Hallmarks of a good teacher – knowledge, care, support and insight

BA in Theology


Hallmarks of a good teacher – knowledge, care, support and insight

Updated: 15 Feb 2021 | Posted by: Ali Rice

There is an old saying that goes “Those who can, do; those that can’t, don’t”. Reign Ministries is fortunate to have recruited lecturers (or facilitators as we call them) that are usually involved in ministry with young people on a regular basis.  They bring a wealth of personal experience and anecdotes as well as an […]

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What and how do our students learn?

Updated: 5 Feb 2021 | Posted by: James Yielder

When exploring any degree, a regular question is about the subjects that will be studied.  James, our Intensive Campus Tutor, explained “During the three years of the degree programme students will receive facilitated learning sessions covering a Biblical Studies module, a Theology module, and at least one Youth Work specialism module each year. On top […]

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Who and what is behind the degree programme?

Updated: 1 Feb 2021 | Posted by: James Yielder

At Reign Ministries we operate as a Campus for ForMission College running their BA (Hons) in Theology, Mission and Ministry with a Youth Work specialism. ForMission College started as a mission college in 1980 seeking to impact future church leaders.  This degree course is accredited by Newman University and is assessed in a multitude of […]

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How can the Degree that Reign Ministries Delivers Prepare Me for My Future?

Updated: 30 Dec 2020 | Posted by: dstevens

One of our recent articles explained how Reign Ministries believes that the degree we deliver (BTh Hons in Theology and Mission) will prepare you to do whatever God calls you to do, no matter if that’s in a church or any other vocation. In this article we want to share a few examples of what […]

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Your fingerprint and your town!

Updated: 23 Dec 2020 | Posted by: Pete Telfer

I don’t know you, as we haven’t met yet.  But I speak with lots of people just like you every year.  You’re thinking about doing a theology degree, as it combines your passion for God with a qualification from a university, but you haven’t decided where to study.  You have been looking into a few […]

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