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Figuring out what’s next after school or in your career is a tough decision, you can often feel overwhelmed for choice.  You might have even narrowed it down to a certain type of career you’d like, or a rough sense of what God is calling you towards. You are possibly looking at this article because you feel a passion for youth work and church, but even then, there can be so many factors to consider when choosing a youth ministry course. Here at Reign Ministries we believe that we are unique, and have done all we can to make our degree possible for you.  Let us try and address some of the initial questions that you, your parents or church leaders may have:

Can I Afford This?

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Most degrees in the UK are over £9.000/academic year. That’s just your tuition; living costs like food and rent are additional, even if you live in halls.  However, we are able to save you money by just charging £6,950/academic year. As you will be part of our conference community every 6 weeks, there is also a small charge of £625 for the year which goes towards food and accommodation for each time we come together for classes and community. That’s a very welcome saving!  Our degree is recognised by the various student loan organisations across the UK, so most students are eligible for a student loan to help cover these fees.

Will I Qualify For The Course? 

Whilst the course is practical it is also academic. However, if you do not meet the minimum entry requirements (a minimum of 80 UCAS points and English GCSE grade ‘C’ or ‘5‘ or above), then it is possible to do some online tests to see if you can still enrol on the course. Our team will be able to assist you in every aspect of applying and being accepted onto the course.  We want you to feel that you can do this from the start.

Will I End Up With A Recognised Qualification?

All students that successfully graduate will end up with a BA (Hons) in Theology, Mission and Ministry with specialism in Youth Work.  This is issued by Newman University.  All of the content and course work is designed and delivered in partnership with ForMission College.  It is possible to earn a different qualification if you’re unable to finish the programme for any reason.

Can I Choose Where To Study? 

It is possible to study with us wherever you live in the UK! Our model of teaching is delivered through a series of six residential conferences throughout the year. Here you receive all of your classroom teaching, tutorials and personal formation.  These currently run from a residential centre in Ledbury, not far from Gloucester.  You will also do a work-based placement alongside your studies, which is usually in your home church, though we can help find a different church placement if needed.  At present we have students from Scotland and Northern Ireland on the course, as well as students based all over England!

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Our students are spread all over the UK!

Will I Be Supported As A Leader? 

Most students will have a level of leadership responsibility within their church placement, and our team will seek to support you as you develop in this, as well as the support you’ll get from your church.  You would also be part of a small mixed year cluster which is led by an experienced cluster leader every week. This is a place where you can share, ask for prayer, receive personal training and support.  Our support will help you grow personally and spiritually, in leadership, skills and confidence.

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Our cluster group support will help you grow and flourish.

Will I Be Accepted? 

If you love Jesus and want to lead young people then you are welcome.  We are not seeking to become a factory that produces identical graduates from our programme. Instead, we want to help shape and empower what God is already forming in you. And we want to give you the skills and abilities to release those gifts and impact young people with Jesus.  We celebrate each person’s uniqueness, the differences they experience in their placements, and the different young people they work with.

We hope you will agree that this is a unique course which is accessible for you. It might be that you have other questions. If this is the case, then please email Pete at

As we suggested in the introduction, it can be overwhelming when you look at all the options before you, but we believe that Reign Ministries offers a unique mix of academic content, practical ministry experience and a highly supportive environment.  We desire to make sure our degree programme is within reach of most people in order to raise up future leaders, and to see more churches following a disciple-making strategy within their youth ministry.  We would love to see you on our next course, so what’s stopping you?

To discover more details about our degree programme, click here.

Pete Telfer

Pete heads up the degree team and makes sure the degree team is supported and students get a quality experience with us.

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