Jason’s Story: A Student Testimonial


Many of our students have so many wonderful testimonies of how being a student with Reign has impacted their lives in positive way. Take a look at what our year 2 student, Jason Allison has to say about his time on the degree program.

Who ARE you, Jason!?

“I’m Jason and I am currently a degree student with Reign Ministries, placed as a youth worker at Melbourn Baptist Church in Cambridgeshire.  Some things I enjoy are: hanging out meeting new people, playing football & tennis, eating good food and watching anime. The thing I am most passionate about is helping young people to get to know and experience God in their own lives.”

What made you decide to study with Reign Ministries?

“What I really like about Reign Ministries is that creating a disciple-making youth ministry is at the heart of everything they do. I was drawn in by the culture that they have created of family, whilst building one another up in the faith and taking what you learn and influencing the culture of your placement. 

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I enjoy practicing what I am learning as I desired a hands-on experience in youth ministry. I chose Reign Ministries because the course was placement based and I could apply what I’m learning in class to the youth ministry I lead in my Church.”

How has the programme shaped your leadership?

“The programme has challenged me to be intentional and to think about how I can be more relational with the young people in my placement.  I’m being challenged to develop a more missional approach to my ministry in order to meet young people where they are at.”

Do you have a heart for creating a disciple-making youth ministry? Would like to join our family and earn a degree? Request a prospectus and receive a free chocolate bar as a bonus!


This article was written by one of our past or current students, for a first hand feel of what the Reign Degree Program is like.

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