Saturate Monthly Giving Community

The Saturate Community is a determined group of monthly 
givers who are working together to flood the youth ministry landscape with

200 disciple-making youth ministers.
Passionate people like you, from all over the UK and beyond.
 This growing group of monthly givers is composed of generous, ordinary, and determined people who want to be part of 
seeing an extraordinary movement of discipleship sweep across the church and
redefine the church’s ministry to young people.

Start giving today and be a part of our community of change-makers.

If you join our community, here’s what you can expect:

We aren’t talking about setting up a monthly donation and forgetting about it. We want the Saturate community to feel connected, invested in young people, and ready to share.

We’ll send you Good News:

The world is filled with so much bad news- especially about young people. We send out quarterly impact reports to share the stories of where we see the trajectory changing for young people and the church.

A community of givers who make discipleship happen among youth

Prayer Focus

Movements of God happen when God’s people rally together to pray. We will regularly supply you with opportunities to pray for young people and their leaders so that you can invest with more than just your pocketbook.

Meet some of our Monthly Givers:

“I swapped one of my monthly subscriptions- one of those healthy snack box brands- for a monthly donation to Reign Ministries. I was part of the GreenHouse Gap Year programme and was supported by monthly gifts.  With the money that would have been spent on snacks; I can now give to the students and be part of cultivating their spiritual calling.  Much more satisfying than a snack box!”

Lucy- Teacher

“Having spent 4 years training and working with Reign, I can see the huge impact they made in my faith, my ministry, and my life. Not only does all the teaching they gave me still challenge and inform my ministry today, but they still continue to support me both personally and professionally and make me feel like family. It’s so fulfilling for me to give a little bit back to Reign, and help them do for others what they’ve done for me.”

Matt- Youth Leader

“I’m supporting Reign because of the impact they had in my life. I want others to have the same experience I had growing in their relationship with God and to became confident leaders who impacts young people lives.”

Alex- Alumni

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