Stir Pack One Card 6


  1. Supplies to gather
  2. Resources
  3. Teaching tips

Supplies to Gather:

Stir Pack 2 to show young people and invite them to keep exploring their spirituality.


Start by asking if anyone tried praying over the last week and to share their experience.  Next choose one or more of the clips below to play and then discuss the questions on Card 6.  Finally, don’t forget to invite young people to the next step by using the “What’s Next” card.

Teaching Tips:

  • Be sure to talk about the “What’s Next” card this week!  You want to be sure to ask young people if they agree/disagree that they are spiritual and to invite them to keep exploring what it means to be spiritual by progressing to Stir Pack 2
  •  You may want to add in a couple of extra experiences in addition to the video clips to help young people to think about the afterlife.  We have run a short “Future Dreams and Desires Auction” as well as an “Eternal Life Auction”. You can keep it simple and have young people write in their ‘bids’ and compare them to each other.  Or you can actually hand out play money and post pictures on the wall and have a real auction.

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