Stir Pack One Card 5


  1. Supplies to gather
  2. Resources
  3. Teaching tips

Supplies to Gather:

Slips of paper, pens, people to come in and pray for the young people if you choose that option.


There are no particular resources connected to this card.  The main activity is discussing experiences with prayer and guiding the group or young person to talk to God.  But if you would like to show a video that talks about prayer, we suggest the following:

Teaching Tips:

  • You may want to further the prayer experience by creating a “Prayer Space” Prayer Spaces in Schools have lots of good ideas: j Common prayer space stations include art supplies, back ground music, journals, sticky notes, bubbles, Lava Lamp, Sand Drawing, etc
  • Young People will probably need some direction for what to pray for no matter what experience you choose.  We usually direct young people they can start by saying, “God Thank You For….”, “God I’m feeling _____ today”, “God help me or help someone I know with…..”

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