Stir Pack One Card 4


  1. Supplies to gather
  2. Resources
  3. Teaching tips

Supplies to Gather:

You may want to look for an online article or news clip that shows a recent example of suffering.


Choose one of the clips below to play.  Be aware that these clips in particular can raise a range of emotions within young people.  You may find the clip of the Manchester bombing is too distant and too “big” to personally grapple with.  Consider the nature of your group and preview the clips before choosing which one best fits your context.

Teaching Tips:

  • This week could raise a lot of emotions, so be sure to approach it sensitively and prayerfully.  We have found that emotions can be too raw to accomplish the aim of this card when choosing a tragic event that happened too recently.  Alternatively, we have found that choosing an event that occurred to far in the past (such as the 7/7 bombings) also makes it difficult to accomplish the aims of this card.  Young people know they are supposed to have feelings about these events from the past, but they have a difficult time actually having their own emotions about them.
  • The video clips about Amanda Todd may be too mature for younger groups.  Be sure to preview them before showing them to your group.
  • Be sure to follow up individually any young people who have been particularly affected by the video clips or the topic of this week.
  • Some of us have added a lead-in experience to get young people ready for this topic.  It is based on an experience from Dare to Engage [].  Ask young people what makes them Rage (Angry), Despair (Sad), or Hope. Provide some medium for young people to express their thoughts and feelings.  We have used ‘Blow-Pens’ and big sheets of paper or spray cans and cardboard. 

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