Reign Ministries And The Hybrid Learning Model

Reign Students Sept 2020 1
Our students and staff together for our Sept 2020 virtual conference.

The last few years (2020/21) saw students across the country being sent away from their universities to adopt a new way of studying from home.  And whilst Reign Ministries embraced online learning, it wasn’t something we were unfamiliar with.

For Reign Ministries, the concept of a hybrid learning model is not something that has just emerged in the last 18 months.  Reign Ministries have been modelling this within the structure of the Theology Degree for many years. 

Face-to-Face Learning

One of the things that makes the Theology Degree special is our conferences.  Six times a year our students and staff gather together as a family community for five days.  Here our students receive teaching and one to one support whilst also having time to connect and grow though eating, shared worship times and fun together. 

Our times together at conferences are truly special.  And whilst all our students adapted brilliantly to online learning through Zoom conferences last year, we were so pleased to finally be back together in person again in September 2021.


“Our times together at conference are truly special.”

On The Job Training

Outside of our conferences, our students are based and serve in local ministry placements throughout the UK. This could be within a church, youth project or a faith based organisation.  The degree is designed so that all the teaching students receive is relevant and applicable within their setting. It further ensures the training fits a real world scenario, and doesn’t come from a classroom that has lost touch with the outside world.

In many placement settings, the line manager will also act as a type of coach and pass on their experiences in ministry, as well as supporting and empowering the student to thrive.

Online Support


Our hybrid model means that students are able to study from home whilst still feeling supported by staff and connected to other students.  Weekly online cluster groups are led by an experienced cluster leader. This is the space for students to share, reflect and support each other.

Students have access to EBSCO, an electronic library that we are able to use through our degree provider ForMission.  Here you can find over 9,000 e-Books, some of which are our core texts
, and many academic journals. On top of this, students have access to select sections of key texts. These are uploaded to Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment area, and ensure that students have plenty of resources for their study.

Our hybrid learning model means that the Theology Degree is accessible to students from all walks of life, all across the UK. Over the years we have been able to embrace modern technology without losing our values of discipleship and spiritual formation through care and support. 

Does this sound like a format of learning that would work for you? Are you interested in finding out some more? Click the link below for a prospectus, or alternatively you could attend our next online Open Day.

Hannah Owen

Hannah is an old friend and alumni of Reign and has recently joined our team, taking on the role of Marketing Coordinator.

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