Q & A: Teen Led Youth Retreat Leaders



Young people know youth culture. They know their own generation. So who better to plan, organise, and lead a youth retreat than young people? Last weekend, two teenagers on the Ministry Team from the local youth in Bicester did just that. They made the announcements, ran the activities, led the worship, and taught the lesson. Hear from Jon and Kelsey as they share what it was like to lead their peers on this retreat.


What’s been the most fun aspect of getting to plan and run this residential?

J: Seeing it all come together and happen.
K: Watching everyone have fun and it going well.

What fears or obstacles did you have to overcome leading up to the weekend?

J: Interacting with those that are argumentative or whose opinions are different than mine.
K: My confidence, but I didn’t have trouble with it!

What was the most helpful guidance or encouragement you received along the way?

J: Lucy (youth worker) telling us we’re doing great along the way.
K: It was nice having the other leaders about as a safety net.

What have you learned from this experience leading?

J: How to teach to a very different audience than I have before and how to hide my stress levels and work around them.
K: That it’s not a performance (specifically with worship), and it doesn’t matter if you mess up because you can learn from it.

How do you feel more equipped now to lead in other areas?

J: I have more experience now in teaching and leading worship.
K: I haven’t worried about what others think of me, and I feel more comfortable talking with the girls now from leading a discussion group.

What would you do differently next time?

J: I’d have a few more planned activities but time to still focus on people, and I would prep the small group leaders more ahead of time. Plus it would be great to have more guys so I could also lead a small group.
K: I’d prepare more for group discussion in Bible study to ask more questions.

What’s your favourite memory from the whole weekend?

J: Being at the beach. I had fun chats, played Frisbee, and it was just a good relaxed time.
K: Going for a wander with the girls and we sat down at the dock by the lake. I was able to get to know them better by just hanging out together.


“It doesn’t matter if you mess up because you can learn from it.”

Giving young leaders opportunities and training them in their leadership has such value in this generation and beyond. It was a joy supporting them in their leadership and encouraging them along the way.


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