Parents of School Leavers – A Father’s Perspective

Are you the parent of a soon to be school leaver? As a parent it can feel daunting when your child is at the stage of deciding what to do after school. Particularly if they’re choosing a university. We recognise that as a small university parents may have questions about our degree, as well as questions about the student experience.

We asked our chair of trustees, David, some questions about his experience as a father of one of our students. See what he had to say!

As a parent, how did you find the application process for the degree?

For a year or so, Sam had wanted to be a history teacher. Through the Boys Brigade, he was also getting involved with youth work. Initially we were a bit surprised about Sam wanting to do a degree in Christian youth work. Although we could see he enjoyed and was good at it, it seemed a big leap to enrol for a degree. We knew from experience that many churches relied on volunteers to lead their youth work. Therefore, we had some concerns as to whether he would be able to find employment afterwards. However, we wanted to support him. We had previous experiences with Reign Ministries students, so we were pleased that he chose to study the degree.

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We were particularly impressed by the mentoring input from the Reign staff. Sam was not only taught Christian living – he also caught it from them.

Did you notice and growth or transformation in Sam during this time?

When Sam left to start the Reign Ministries degree we were intrigued to see how things would develop. He clearly enjoyed youth work, but we felt that perhaps he enjoyed doing youth work as opposed to Christian youth work. Over the time of his degree, we saw an amazing transformation. His faith grew and deepened in a wonderful way. We could see that it wasn’t just his mind that was developing. He was in a place where God was moving; he was responding to God in ways that he hadn’t done before. We were particularly impressed by the mentoring input from the Reign staff. Sam was not only taught Christian living – he also caught it from them.

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Would you recommend Reign Ministries to someone who is thinking about a degree in youth ministry?

We have seen the change in Sam’s life, as well as having had students from different institutions in churches we have led. We think that the approach of Reign Ministries is very special. The times together on conference are key to both learning and as important spiritual development and transformation. It’s exciting to see such change in someone in your family; we have been privileged to share in this journey with Sam. We are so pleased that he has been able to stay connected with Reign Ministries. Having initially had a student in our church and then seeing our son graduate, I have been really pleased to have a new connection with Reign as a trustee. I’m glad of this opportunity to serve and support the organisation in this way.

If you are the parent of a school leaver and your child is unsure what to do next, could Reign Ministries be an option? To find out more come along to our Information Session next Thursday 20th July at 7pm. Or, click the link below to recieve a prospectus.


This article was created by a partner, friend or alumni of Reign. To give first hand experience of the impact Reign has had on their lives.

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