New Training Initiatives

Read about our training initiative being piloted in 2020/21, helping us impact more young people and churches to see disciple-making being core to youth ministry across the UK church.

Strategic Church Partnerships

Since Reign Ministries started our vision has been to help see a disciple-making strategy implemented in youth ministries across the country. We are currently in the midst of a ten-year goal of training 200 Disciple-Making Youth Ministers and 20 Movement Leaders. We believe these key leaders can help change the landscape of youth ministry across the country and restore hope and confidence to churches who long to reach young people for Jesus. 

While we are working diligently to train these 200 and 20, we also sense God moving us into something new. Rather than focusing solely on training effective youth workers, we also desire to partner with a few key churches to support their youth ministries. We would like to enter into a deeper level of partnership with these churches and to bring more of what Reign Ministries and its staff has to offer in order to help these churches’ youth ministries thrive. 

We’re seeking to help ENVISION churches for youth and youth ministry, to help IDENTIFY and TRAIN volunteers in those churches, to help the church set a STRATEGY and direction for their youth ministry as well as COACHING the lead youth worker to develop the ministry as well as his or her own skills.

We want to help churches effectively reach and disciple young people and serve as model ministries that can offer other churches hope and help in their own youth ministry efforts.

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Whilst we’re keen to get involved with Churches through the above initiative, we recognise that this might not suit your needs. If you have some training needs that we may be able to help you with we’d love to have a conversation to see how we can help.

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