New students pursue mission to young people

We are thrilled to have kicked off the academic year with this group of youth ministry students who are joining us on our mission to create disciple-making youth ministries! They will each be working hard in their placement churches, while at the same time earning their BA in Theology & Mission with an emphasis in youth ministry.


Student Map 20 21


Youth ministry is rapidly changing and these young men and women will spend the year building relationships with young people while safely navigating the COVID-19 situation in their areas. It’s not an easy task for a veteran youth minister, let alone these young leaders who are having to adapt and learn quickly. Many youth leaders are wondering, do I even have a youth ministry to come back to?

Will you pray for them? God’s kingdom is still advancing despite the restrictions on our communities. We believe that when fuelled by the prayers of passionate friends like you, these students have the potential to flourish, not flounder during this season. God is still working in the lives of young people and calling them to himself. We want to be there to help them along the journey of faith.


Year 1 2020 1
Year 2 2020
Year 3 2020


Joy has 20 years youth ministry experience and serves as the Development Director for Reign Ministries.

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