Where do you want to go?

Get Uncomfortable

Some of the most life-transforming events happen when we leave the comfort of our everyday, normal life behind and really engage with people who are different than us. Sound scary? It’s not. When you are uncomfortable you get to experience God. Moveolution provides the opportunity to journey with a team of teenagers who are all seeking to live by faith and engage with people, foods, faiths, and cultures that are outside of your comfort zone.

Get Involved

You have an incredible amount to give and the world is an incredibly hurting place. A Moveolution trip is designed to let you and your fellow teenagers lead. You’ll plan. You’ll share. You’ll serve. You’ll pray. As you step out in faith YOU will see God work to transform you and those you are ministering to.


We’ve planned each Moveoultion Mission Trip to take you deeper in your relationship with God. You are going to be busy, so we hope you are up for adventure. However you’ll also get time each day just to be quiet and spend time with God. You’ll read the Bible and discuss it in small groups and the rest of your team. You’ll probably spend some time praying in focused ways that you’ve never done before. But don’t just take my word for it, listen to what young people from a previous Moveolution trip had to say:

Going to Moldova meant I had to rely on God to guide me more than ever before, and being out of my comfort zone allowed me to experience His influence in my life fully. I have learnt to trust God and the plan he has for my future completely. – Lauren, age 16
My trip to Moldova changed my relationship with God for the better. It allowed me to open up and share some thoughts that had been troubling me at home. Therefore getting away and having quiet time each day made my relationship stronger because I was starting to understand how God works in my life and others. – Ali, age 16