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UPDATE: Due to the uncertainty surrounding travel, group gatherings and the easing of lockdown due to Covid-19, we will not be running our Moveolution trips this summer. Check back here for plans of summer 2021!


Join us as we set up open-air youth activities in a local park, where you will help run activities, make friends and share stories about your life. Half of the team will come from America, so you’ll get to interact with them on team and help them understand our culture. Each evening will be spent celebrating that day and cheering one another on.


Watch this video to get a sense for what a week is all about.  Hopefully, after viewing it you will want to participate this coming summer.


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Why should I go?

The reason that you should go on this trip is that it is going to give you an amazing opportunity to grow closer to God. You will also have a lot of fun meeting new people who also have a faith in God that will be inspiring. We also hopefully will leave a lasting imprint on a community in the UK for God. Oh yeah you will have a lot of fun and some new experiences yes new even though you will be still in the UK.

What will the trip be like?

The trip will be an intense and challenging experience. Each day you will get a chance to personally engage with God. You also will get training each morning that you will put into practice each afternoon and evening as you engage with youth from the local community. There also will be times of worship and fun as you mix with others from the UK and US. There won’t be a lot of free time but you also won’t be bored.

What is included in the cost?

The cost of the trip includes your accommodation, meals and resources for the youth clubs you are facilitating. A £25 deposit is due by 1 July.

Where will we stay?

The team will be accommodated, either together in a single location, or in smaller groups across host families with a leader.

What will we do?

The power behind a week of Moveolution comes in that we spend time seeking God everyday. Sound scary? It's not. We'll show you how to spend time with God in prayer and how to listen to his voice. As a group we will spend the week learning about the power of story- both listening to others and telling our own. In the afternoons we put to practice what we are learning by serving the community through children's and youth clubs in the local park. In the evening we gather and celebrate what we saw God do that day through each other.


  • “Grace is my second child and her older brother had been away with Reign Ministries 3 times on mission trips. He was 16 the first time he went and I knew it had been one of those life-changing opportunities. I wanted Grace to have the same opportunities and experiences that her brother had and would encourage anyone considering such a trip to make sure they went!”

    Liz from Bicester

  • “I would actively encourage parents to support their youth’s decisions to go. Meet and talk with parents and youth that have been before to get a better picture of what an amazing opportunity this is.”

    Parent from Bicester

  • “It was a privilege to listen in the car on the way back to Ashby from LHR as the girls reflected on the experience and to hear their testimony in church last Sunday. My daughter certainly has gained from the experience and we pray that it will turn out to be one of those character moulding and life setting moments for her.”

    Parent from Ashby


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