Moveolution Moldova Report: In their own words

The team is home from Moldova and bursting with stories of how God worked. Here are some of the highlights:

Moldova Collage


Moldova Team 2015 Singing

From bringing my passport back to me on the first day to helping me deal with the challenge of spending a lot of time with people who were different than me, God worked in every area of this trip. Meeting the Moldovan people was a wonderful experience, they were lovely and so very helpful, and I can’t wait to go back. – Jon




For me I was amazed at how God uses his people to do amazing things. For instance, when we were visiting houses, the 20 minutes we spent with each person was really moving. They were just so thankful we came, most of the time they are lonely and they just want someone to see them. It is amazing how God use something small for something huge. –Will



Moldova 2015 Ali 1For me it amazed me by people’s dedication and desire to see God and how much faith and trust they have in him, for example we met a man who is paralysed from the legs down and yet in the winter he crawls up a hill to his local church. That just showed me how much God was really working in the hearts of people who have almost nothing. –Ali



Moldova 2015 Elly


This was my first mission trip and I learned that God is always with me and gives me the strength to cope with anything. I shouldn’t worry about what happens because God will be with me and he has a plan for me-so why should I worry? I would also say that God has shown me what I need to do to change my life with him. –Elly


Moldova 2015 Marlene



For me it was amazing to see that God used our personal life stories to spread out his love! And I am so thankful that I could grow in the passion to live my life for Jesus Christ! -Marlene



Moldova 2015 Bjorn

God worked in my heart, to see that besides all we could give practically: the most important and awesome thing to give is the love that we have received. Where money and food ends is his love unending and everlasting. -Bjorn

Moldova 2015 Meghan




I saw God challenge and grow each person on the team as we spent time spreading the love of Jesus to people in Moldova. Everyone got to share stories from their life of how God is transforming their hearts. We learned to trust God and thank Him for His blessings in every step of our day and that’s something I’ll bring home with me into my daily life in the UK. –Meghan



Joy has 20 years youth ministry experience and serves as the Development Director for Reign Ministries.

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