Making plans in an uncertain world

Life’s not stopping everywhere…

Schools are closed; Exams cancelled which raises questions about your options after school; your career options feel even more uncertain; and many universities are running as an online option.  All the ideas you had a year ago of what would probably happen once you finished school in 2021 feel like they have slipped away like sand through your hand.

Your weekly pattern of being at church each week now looks different with it being online, watching it on YouTube is not the same as being in a congregation of people singing and worshipping together.  Seeing friends at your youth group is not the same on Zoom; it’s been ages since you’ve been able to hug a friend or even play some games.

The news is full of Vaccines, Brexit, Furlough, Zoom fatigue, Riots and protests, Food parcels, Covid 19 Tier levels, and you usually don’t know how to feel about any of it, just wishing things would feel normal again.  You don’t know if you’ll get a family holiday this summer, or if any camps or festivals will ever happen again.

Group of young people on a field

Yet not everything has stopped or is uncertain.  Reign Ministries is delighted to see its degree programme continue to operate and is still accepting applications for new students for September 2021.  All of our current students have had to adapt and find new and creative ways to deliver youth work online and invest into the discipleship journey of their young people.  Which is exactly the same for us at Reign Ministries as we have taken our residential training model online.  We have wrestled with building community online between students, how to do meaningful support and mentoring, how to inject fun into a week of lectures and tutorials, yet maintain energy levels for a lot of screen time.

We kept saying that 2020 was a very unusual year, yet we have not started 2021 very differently.  We all have questions that no one can truly answer.  So, it is reassuring to know that one option for your study plans is applying to Reign Ministries.  As an Intensive Campus of Formission College, we offer a 3 year fully accredited BA (Hons) in Theology and Mission, with a specialism in Youth Work, accredited by Newman University in Birmingham.  Part of your study requirements will be to do a certain number of hours each year in a work-based location, which for most students will be their home church.

Reign Ministries is delighted to see its degree programme continue to operate [in 2021] and is still accepting applications…

Why not check out the plans for our next Open Day, read some more about the degree, or ask for a prospectus to be posted out to you (along with a free chocolate bar!) today?  Investigate and introduce something certain to your future.

Charlie Morris

Charlie helps much of the behind the scenes work happen smoothly. He heads up our Operations and Communication Teams, as well as the Moveolution team. He first started as a volunteer youth leader back in 1988, and has worked in churches and Christian youth organisations in Australia, England and Scotland.

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