Programme and Structure


10th -11th Jan & 5th-6th June 2020
8th-9th Jan & 4th-5th June 2021

Each learning community runs from 6 pm on Friday evening through to 5 pm on Saturday. This means participants may need to book off work in advance in order to travel and arrive at the Poplars in time for a 6 pm Friday evening start.

Location and Accommodation

We currently host our volunteer training weekends at The Poplars, Ledbury. Accommodation is available on site. Staying on-site provides you with more opportunities to socialise with other youth teams across the UK and use the facilities on site. Get ready to pack your swim stuff, there is an outdoor pool, as well as a 5km country walking/jogging trail, plenty of outdoor space, comfy areas and indoor sports facilities. 

Accommodation at the Poplars is mainly in same-sex dormitories. Participants will need to supply their own linens and towels. Teams may wish to stay off-site in a nearby BnB and cover their own costs for accommodation. 

Directions to Poplars

Programme Information

The four weekends are spread apart by six month periods. This gives you time to implement contextual strategies formed at each Learning Community experience, reflect on your youth ministry and listen to God as he guides you through this journey. 

Each weekend has a different focus to help you form the foundations of a disciple-making youth ministry which is long-lasting and fruitful. At the end of each weekend, you will have a vision and strategy created by the input of teaching, your team and guided by God.

Weekend 1: How to build a disciple making culture. This weekend speaks about how we can look at the process of discipleship that Jesus used in his ministry and how that can guide and help us for today.

Weekend 2: How to raise up leaders. A pipeline of leadership is essential for any growing ministry but often that is where we get stuck.  This weekend looks at concepts and ideas that you can use to build this into your ministry.

Weekend 3: How to take your team on mission. Young people today are not showing up in the church asking about God so how can we equip or team to reach them and help them start the discipleship process.  

Weekend 4: How to leave a legacy. The lifecycle of a youth worker is short so how can we put things into place that allow a ministry of discipleship to last for multiple generations.  The weekend hopefully will give you inspiration and a few tools to help make this happen.


£250 per church, per weekend for four youth team members. Additional youth team members can come for an additional £25 per person.

We suggest having your youth leaders, your youth team volunteers, at least one young person and an elder/leader/PCC member from your church. We recommend bringing volunteers who will be able to come to all four weekends.

Included in the Cost
Cost includes training, food, snacks, drinks, and use of The Poplars facilities for four youth team members.  Overnight accommodation at the Poplars costs an additional £25 per person per weekend.

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