Celebrating all GreenHouse achieved

Reign Ministries Celebrates 10 Years Of Greenhouse Gap Year

After much deliberation and prayer, Reign Ministries has come to the decision that 2019/20 will be the last year running the GreenHouse Gap Year programme.  We’ve had 10 seasons of GreenHouse and it has been a great success.  We’ve discipled and trained over 50 young leaders from eight different countries and are pleased to be stopping from a place of strength and celebration for the last 10 years. 

We’ve decided it’s time to make this change for three reasons.

The first reason is around its financial viability.  Greenhouse is heavily reliant on funding from a grant from the EU and with the current political situation, there is too much uncertainty around this funding for us to confidently move forward with recruiting another group for September.  

The second reason has to do with our recruiting. Our heart as a ministry is to raise up and release leaders, particularly from around the UK, and over the past few years we have struggled to recruit Brits onto the programme. We feel that now God is asking us to rethink the use of our staff hours and resources to best invest in the vision we feel He has given us for this time.  

The third reason is that although GreenHouse has been a wonderful endeavour, it’s also a heavy programme that is not easily multipliable.  We have several churches wondering how they can have Gap-Year students but rolling out an entire GreenHouse programme in various churches is not realistic.  So, we are looking into how to change things so that training leaders in churches is a lighter and more replicable venture. 

We recognise that GreenHouse has been a really valuable way of discipling and training young people over the past 10 years and are pleased we can end with it having been a success.   

We are in an exciting phase of asking God what he would have us focus on next and how those resources and time that Greenhouse was taking can best be re-deployed so that we are we are more effective.

Thank you to all of you who have been a part of the programme over the years – whether that’s by being a participant, a partner church, a mentor, a supporter and for all those who have been a part of the last 10 years.  

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