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This past weekend we partnered with Rebuild to host another Learning Community.  We had leaders from eight churches and youth projects join us for two days of learning how to lay the foundation for discipleship in their youth ministries.  It was so fun!  These guys worked hard, prayed hard and went away with 6 month goals to implement a fuller picture of discipleship in their ministries.


Listening to God and praying for each other is a key part of a Learning Community.



Learning Community creates space for teams to process their current ministry situation and make concrete goals for moving forward in discipleship.

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Some of our Learning Community participants come from Hamburg, Germany.  Saman, Julia and Chris have started a fresh youth ministry at the Harburg Campus of Elim Christengemeinde, Hamburg. Click here to watch a two minute video about how Saman’s time in the Greenhouse Gap Year impacts the way he does youth work in Hamburg.


Joy has 20 years youth ministry experience and serves as the Development Director for Reign Ministries.

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