Laverne’s Testimony!

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Hi, my name is Laverne and I am an alumni from the Reign Ministries’ BA (Hons) in Theology, Mission and Ministry, with a specialism in Youth Work

Why Did You Choose Reign Ministries? 

Well if I am honest Reign chose me. I had made up my mind to not let age be a barrier to finally undertaking my degree and so I began the search for a university.

I would say my desire was to learn more about the Bible and how to do this well with the young people I was working with at church.

I signed up to a University in Birmingham but this just didn’t seem to fit with my work and was a little despondent, I spoke to my boss about it, who shared about ForMission, as his wife had recently completed her MA with them.

I started with ForMission in late September, but in November, after ForMission had a conversation with my pastor, it was determined that I was on the wrong course and agreed that I was to move to the Reign campus in January – and so my journey with Reign Ministries began.

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What Made Reign Ministries Special For You?

What stood out for me with Reign, was their openness and willingness to effect change, even if that was from within. 

This community is outstanding, I have never known anything like it. 

I admit that at the beginning, I had a few reservations as I was unsure that there would be a diverse culture or whether I would fit in. I was certainly proven wrong. There are people here from all walks of life and from different parts of the world. I also thought my age would be a barrier, but again I was wrong.

I absolutely love, love, love my Reign family.

What Are You Up To Now?

I am currently working as a Schools Chaplain and Youth Leader in Oxford.

Everything I learned on this degree not only prepared me for this role (something I would have never ever considered let alone applied for – thanks Matt B, Reign Staff!) but it also brought my faith journey to a whole new level. I thought I understood what it was to journey with children and young people, this degree turned on the light.

Would I recommend Reign? 

Without a shadow of a doubt! I discovered that you are never to old and it’s never too late to start the journey that opens the door to your ministry!

From the lecturers to logistics, this community of people love God and love their students! Reign are passionate about mission, discipleship and very much about aiding you in figuring out what your ministry is and then propelling you into it! 

This journey with Reign has certainly been one of self-discovery and one that has strengthened my relationship with God… and I left with a degree – I couldn’t ask for more!

If you are interested in finding out more about how Reign Ministries can help you grow in your faith, whilst giving you the tools to grow your youth ministry, why not click the button below?


This article was written by one of our past or current students, for a first hand feel of what the Reign Degree Program is like.

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