How Does Reign Deliver Degree Classes Online?

September 2020 marked our first online-only conference. We brought together nearly 30 students from four different countries for a week of degree lectures, meaningful sharing, prayer, youth ministry coaching and fun.

Year one student, Aman Zewde from Leamington Spa, was surprised by how much he was able to engage with the learning even though it was all done virtually. “After my first week of lectures I’ve come away feeling more excited than I was because it was more engaging than just feeding information and that works well for me.”


Youth Ministry facilitator, Darin Stevens, utilised three-dimensional learning by asking his year two youth ministry students to raid their recycling box in order to build a “leadership pipeline” to illustrate how to raise up a volunteer team in their local churches.

Year 1 Interactive Learning

Intro to the Bible facilitator, Joy Stevens brought the metanarrative of the Bible to life by having year one students create a timeline in their home and document the major phases of redemptive history.

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Year two students got to analyse their youth work in some practical ways. Guest facilitator, Matt Bodinham shared, “It is important that students know why they are doing school’s work and use it strategically to build a disciple-making youth ministry. Students analysed the school’s work that they lead and together, using the whiteboard feature on Zoom, we talked through how those initiatives worked into their disciple-making strategy.

We then split them into groups and each student had ten minutes to plan the outline for an assembly for year 9’s on the topic of “Supporting Others”. Our students shared their plans and then went through a peer review process to learn from each other.”

Degree Team Director, Pete Telfer shared, “We understand that everyone would like to be together, however, until that’s possible, we were really pleased at the high level of engagement our students were able to have while learning online, and we credit our great team of facilitators for all the work they put in to make their facilitation’s absorbing and participatory.”

No matter what the next year brings we will be ready and able to equip you for the next stage of your ministry development. If you are interested in earning a degree in Theology with our team of youth ministry professionals be sure to request a prospectus today.


Darin is a coach at heart. He loves to develop young leaders to become effective in their local ministries. Darin also serves as Head of Training as he oversees Reign Ministries' training programmes and resources. Darin has been discipling young people for 25 years and brings his love for young people into every part of our organisation.
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