Hallmarks of a good teacher – knowledge, care, support and insight


There is an old saying that goes “Those who can, do; those that can’t, don’t”.

Reign Ministries is fortunate to have recruited lecturers (or facilitators as we call them) that are usually involved in ministry with young people on a regular basis.  They bring a wealth of personal experience and anecdotes as well as an amazing level of knowledge to the subject they are teaching.  They are also motivated by the care and support they can offer to students, understanding that the students’ success reflects their success.

He took the time to show each of us how to answer the question…

Ali reflecting on the support one of his teachers gave.

Ali is a graduate from our degree who is now leading the youth ministry in the church in Oxfordshire where he did his placement whilst studying.  He shares his reflections on the facilitators and the level of support they offered him as a student.

“I have so many things to be thankful for when I look back at my time on the degree and without a doubt, I’m truly thankful for the facilitators. I realised early on that I’m a person who had to think about my essay questions before our conferences so I could discuss them in person with the tutors, so I knew how to write the essays once we’d left. I remember in third year, there was a question to do with cross cultural theory and no one in my class knew what it meant or how to even attempt to answer it, and that was with us having sat most of the classes for the essay… But when I asked Jeremy, our facilitator, he took the time to show each of us how to answer the question and which sources to use. This allowed me to go home and tackle the question effectively.

Throughout the entire degree there was never a moment, where the facilitators didn’t have the time to answer my questions in depth either in the lesson or over a break. This really enabled me to do my best, because I need the space and time to engage with a topic through discussions and question asking for me to really understand what is being ask of me in my assignments. The care and support given throughout the degree is incredible and really encouraged me to keep going and finish well.”

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Ali Rice

Having grown up locally in Bicester and the surrounding areas, Ali graduated from the degree programme (BA in Theology & Mission). He has a heart for young people, the church and cross-cultural ministry. Ali is placed with Witney Community Church and on the pastoral team at The Kings School in Witney.

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