God works powerfully through young people in Moldova: “This is not an end, but a stepping stone.”

Year two student, Brandan Silcox serves young people as part of his placement at The Centenary Project in Doncaster. Here are his reflections just three days after returning from Moldova on our recent Moveolution trip:

It’s been three years since I first went on mission to Moldova with Reign Ministries. In those three years I have discovered my calling into ministry and half completed a degree in theology. What that looks like in practice; going from being a young person on mission to taking four young guys to this special place on my faith journey. I want to talk about three formations that this trip has provided, first it’s impact in the local community in Moldova, second the impact on my young people, and lastly the impact on my own leadership strategy. 

The church in Moldova is a small yet active one that is eagerly searching to fulfil God’s command to multiply. To be able to come alongside those already working tirelessly is a great privilege. While over there my group had the opportunity to encourage this faithful church community by sharing our own faith journeys, leading times of worship and by coming along side the church in their many good works. While there there were many moments spent with the wider community; either in homes or the church. The church there already has an intense programs for home visits but while there through numbers and willpower we were able to canvass a great many homes. These visits provided times for the residents to receive prayer, encouragement, times of singing, and an invitation to a deeper understanding of God as well as an invitation to church events. 

These times in the community were just as fruitful for the ‘goers’ as they were for the ‘receivers.’ For many there were lots of first steps, from sharing testimonies to leading children programs. I was amazed at how the young people stepped up to the challenge at each occasion, often stepping out in the confidence of God and growing in faith and ability as a result. Since all of the skills that were required in the ministry times are easily transferable to home life in the UK, I can’t help but get excited to see how each of my guys will step into their potential as young leaders, as culture influencers and as disciple makers. 

As someone who is passionate about seeing young people being active in mission, Moldova 2020 offered many reasons to celebrate. All four of the guys that I took are part of my discipleship groups, so this trip has not been an end point but rather a stepping stone in their growth as missional living classmates, peers, and teammates. It’s fantastic how God can work through and in a person when they are willing to step out in a big way, such as a mission trip, and because of this I am confident that God will continue to work through my four guys in the little and big ways at home in their communities. 


Joy has 20 years youth ministry experience and serves as the Development Director for Reign Ministries.

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