What does God want me to do?

There is always lots of discussion- and possibly confusion- over God’s ‘calling’ on our lives.

What is calling?  Is it some sort of experience?  Is it a feeling?  Does God have just one purpose in mind for us?  You can ask many people and get many different answers.

Questions like these may be floating around in the back of your head, but if you are anything like us you just love young people, Jesus, and his church.  You want to see change.  You want to see the Spirit of God work.  You want to serve.  You want God to use you.  You just want to know if you should go for it.

In order to get to the crux of this question of ‘calling’ we asked three of our students what God started to stir in them and why they started to train for a future in youth ministry.  Take three minutes to hear what calling sounds like- you may find it’s not nearly as complicated as you might think.


Joy has 20 years youth ministry experience and serves as the Development Director for Reign Ministries.

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