God Is At Work In Shannon’s Church by Guest Authors

I have been in my current church placement for almost three years and it is amazing to see what God can do in the lives of young people over a long period of time. They have gone from being babies in their faith to understanding more of the gospel but also wanting to the reach the world with it.

A big highlight in the past week is about a particular girl that we will call Claire. When I started here in the UK we went on a weekend away for a youth project and I sat up with this girl until three in the morning and she was wanting to know why God was real to everyone else except her. She grew up in church and was taught that it was right to go but when she reached out in faith, she felt there was no answer. I watched her fall off the bandwagon. She quit coming to youth group on Friday and became quite resentful for almost 2 and half years. She still managed to come to Girls Brigade. At the beginning of the year I was asked to switch from my previous group and into hers as the leader. This is the winning part of ministry, seeing Girls Brigade as outreach to the un-churched girls. I over heard a conversation and she said that her faith was stronger than ever. She said she had reached out to God again and He found her. It was one of the moments that again I was reminded why I do what God has called me to do.

Written by Shannon Chenault


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