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September 2019 – July 2020

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4th September 2020 – 28 June 2021

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European Applicants ESC

We seek to fund participants from approved EU countries including the UK through the European Solidarity Corps. This covers all necessary expenses for the year including food and pocket money as well as your travel to/from the GreenHouse at the beginning and the end of the year.

Costs: Fully Funded

EU Co-funded

Co-funded by the European Union

Non-ESC European Applicant

This Includes: Accommodation, all training materials, leadership trips, training conferences, Moldova Mission

We want to help make the GreenHouse Gap Year experience as accessible as we can. Once you have been accepted onto the GreenHouse Gap Year, we can coach you through fundraising a significant part of your programme fees. We will work alongside you to help you raise any necessary funds to support you on the GreenHouse Gap Year.

Costs: £2100

Participants are required to cover: Food (recommend £100/month), Pocket Money, Travel to/from the GreenHouse at the beginning and the end of the year  

US Applicants

We are not currently able to accept US applicants.

Accommodation and Location

A lot of the Gap Year experience is about sharing life with others and living away from home. Our Gap Year students develop long lasting and meaningful friendships with those who are on the GreenHouse Gap Year with them. By sharing life and living with others, they are able to deepen their relationships. 

We currently have two location sites for our GreenHouse Gap Year Students; Bicester and Witney in Oxfordshire. Witney and Bicester are growing towns with a population of 30,000 people. There is a vision to see these towns grow in the next ten years. With multiple secondary schools and a youth ministry movement emerging in the area, you will disciple some of the many young people in these local communities. Bicester and Witney have great transport links, especially to London and Oxford, so you can have adventures in the cities too!

If you are based in Bicester, you will live together in a flat near the centre of town called the Moto. The Moto is the GreenHouse Gap Year flat located above the Reign Ministries Offices so you don’t have to travel far to meet with Reign Ministries staff. 

If you are based at our Witney GreenHouse Gap Year Site, you will live with host families in the town. Claire, our Gap Year Co-Ordinator lives in Witney as well with her husband Ben. They lead youth ministry in one of the local churches and are actively engaged with other churches to get a town discipleship strategy for youth. 

Both locations and accommodation styles give the opportunity for you to live, cook, host and share life with other participants and occasionally staff or visitors. Your accommodation costs are included within the course fees. Check the Details Page for more information on what is covered in your fees and ways to help you fund the Gap Year.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you start taking applications?

Accepting applications for our eleventh season of GreenHouse Gap Year beginning 1 January 2020.

When do I know if I'm accepted?

We will make our acceptance decision in the Spring time. We will be in contact with you throughout the process.

What does an average week look like?

There are regular training times called huddle each week. You will also be involved in local youth work and there will also be times for you to personally reflect and grow.

Can I have family and friends visit me?

Yes! You may even be able to house a friend with you for a couple days in your accommodation. If multiple visitors are coming for more than a couple days, you will need to sort their accommodation.

Can I take additional holiday time?

You will have 2 weeks of holiday time over Christmas and 1 week over Easter. You may also arrange 1 week of pre-approved holiday time to travel or host family and friends.

What other money will I need for the year?

ESC participants travel costs, food and pocket money are all included. All other students are responsible for travel costs to and from the GreenHouse. You are also responsible for your own food and pocket money throughout the year. We recommend £100/month for food

Will I be able to work during the gap year?

You will not be able to work and do the GreenHouse gap year at the same time. Your week will be full of learning and ministering to teenagers. The money you raise will supply you with the funds you need for the experience.

Where will I live?

Participants based in Bicester will live together in a flat above Reign Ministries’ offices near the centre of town. Those in Witney will live with host families in the town. Either way, you will learn to live, cook, host and share life with other participants and an occasional staff or visitor. Your accommodation costs are included in the course fees.

How can I raise all this money?

After acceptance onto the GreenHouse Gap Year, we will work with you to help you raise the necessary funds. We can even coach you through how to fundraise a significant part of your programme fees.

When is the money due?

For British applicants the first payment is due by 1 May. For European applicants, we will work with you and your ESC sending agency to secure the programme fees.

When can I come visit?

We would love to welcome you at one of our Open Days! You can speak with this year's GreenHouse students, get a feel for our community, worship with us, and ask all the questions you would like! Click here for more info about Open Days.

Get in touch

Contact Claire: 07791621703 or email

EU Co-funded