Gap Year: A look ahead and behind

GH Leaving Party

They’re off! This year’s Season 5 Greenhouse students have completed their gap year. So you may be curious about what’s next for them. We’re excited about their commitments to continue working with young people and in churches across the UK and Europe. We’re also excited about everything they’re taking with them from the year they spent in Bicester ministering to teenagers, growing closer to God, and exploring their calling. See how each of them answer these questions about their gap year:

1. What about the Greenhouse experience has impacted you the most?

2. What’s one thing you’ve learned that you’ll take with you as you continue to make disciples?


Next steps: Joining the Youthwork Theology Degree programme with a placement in Ramsau, Austria.

  1. There have been so many things which impacted me. To live together with Christians in a flat helped me in so many different ways. For example how to deal with conflicts or how to share faith things, praying for each other and just helping each other grow.
  1. I learned how important it is to build up a relationship with the teenagers and that living an authentic life alongside them helps them to realize more what living as a Christian means.


Next steps: Beginning Year 2 in the Youthwork Theology Degree programme with a placement in Bicester, UK.

  1. The Greenhouse course has helped me so much in terms of knowing where a teenager is and what the next step could be for them. We learn lots of scales, shapes and tools that help us in actual ministry and that have affected my youth work.
  1. I have grown with seeking out God’s wisdom and asking more about what he wants and his plans for my life, the church and the conversations I have. Whether that’s mentoring or just talking to individuals in groups. This will be one of my greatest tools going forward next year and that constant reminding that’s its God doing these things and that he allows us to be a part of that and can use us.


Next steps: Beginning Year 2 in the Youthwork Theology Degree programme with a placement in Nottingham, UK.

  1. I have grown spiritually in my walk with God; through many people I have learnt more about my faith, been stretched and challenged which has then brought me to the place I’m in now. I have watched Christians living in a different way to others, living church in everyday life and it has been inspiring to see them and teach me how I can do the same.
  1. I’ve learnt how I want a youth ministry to look like and where my strengths lie in order for me to create that ministry. I worked alongside many people this year and they have all individually taught me about different youth ministries, what they look like, how they work, and how I can work in them. I have learnt how to interact with people who work differently to me and I believe this is very important to be able to do as there will always be people who have different ways of completing tasks.


Next steps: Training and serving with Elim Church in Hamburg, Germany.

  1. The most impacting thing has been the community of christians that lived the everyday church life and talking about the ups and downs authentically, not just in sessions, but in daily living.
  1. I’ll keep using the LifeShapes and a lot of the tools like “Story of the Bible” and how to read the bible.

It definitely sounds like their year out in Bicester has been life changing. We continue to pray God will use them in their next steps. And we prepare to welcome Season 6 students in September for another incredible year of training and disciplemaking!


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