Entering a new season for the charity

Thomas Edison has been well quoted as having discovered ten thousand ways not to invent the lightbulb before he did.  We love this quote because it encourages us that in order to succeed, we will often have to try multiple times in multiple ways before we find the solution.

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Reign Ministries has recently been through a time of review as we look at our programmes and offerings. Whilst we have been proud of all we have achieved, we also sense that there is more God is asking of us.  We have tried a number of different programmes over many years to see if we could increase our effectiveness in raising up disciple making youth leaders, and what has emerged recently is that all of them were very good and significant to many people but may not be what we need for the season we’re entering.

In recent times, we have stopped GreenHouse, our gap year programme; Moveolution as our mission trips programme; as well as our Internship pilot.  We have sensed a greater clarity has appeared, calling us to focus on just three key offerings; our degree programme, our Learning Community programme for youth teams, and Movement Leaders for alumni and youth ministers seeking more intense coaching and support to impact beyond their own church.

The leadership of Reign Ministries has also sensed this will be a renewed time of health for the organisation, to strengthen our culture and values, maybe to learn new rhythms of working, and to not stretch ourselves too thin trying to do too much.  All of the staff team will be operating within a new structure built around teams and our priorities of health, growth and operational support.

Our hope is that you continue to stand with us, as donors, prayer supporters and friends of Reign Ministries, as we enter this new season and phase of life.  Our main goals and mission have not changed, but we feel more focussed and streamlined in how we’re going to achieve them.

We’d really love you to stand with us as we enter this new season, through prayer and financial support.

Charlie Morris

Charlie helps much of the behind the scenes work happen smoothly. He heads up our Operations and Communication Teams, as well as the Moveolution team. He first started as a volunteer youth leader back in 1988, and has worked in churches and Christian youth organisations in Australia, England and Scotland.

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