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Key growth areas for up:

  • Prayer: Talking to God and Listening to God
  • The Bible: Hearing from God Through Scripture
  • The Bible: Memorising and Using Scripture
  • Temptation and Obedience: Looking Like Good News
  • Sin: Getting Things Right when I get it Wrong
  • Identity: Free to be Me
  • Holy Spirit: Walking in the Power of the Spirit
  • Suffering: Making it Through Difficult Times
  • Relationships: Healthy Friendships
  • Relationships: Healthy Love
  • Giving: Everything is God’s
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UP: Hearing From God Through Scripture

Here is a link to download a printable set of pages for recording Bible Reading Highlights

We recommend downloading the “Bible App” where you can find lots of great reading plans and even a way to read and interact about the Bible together as a group through the app.  Link:  https://www.youversion.com/the-bible-app/

The Navigators have a ton of great resources for reading and studying the Bible here:  https://www.navigators.org/resource/bible-reading-plans/

If you or the young people you are discipling have never read the Bible before, we recommend getting a copy of “The Jesus Storybook Bible.”  It may seem a bit too young at first for teens, but it’s a great way to get an overview of the whole story of the Bible in a short amount of time (with great visuals!)  You can buy the book here:    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jesus-Storybook-Bible-Sally-Lloyd-Jones/dp/0310729947 or watch short YouTube clips of most of the stories here:  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+jesus+storybook+bible

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