Discipleship Pack

What is the discipleship Pack:

The Discipleship Pack will:

  1. Help you gain and overview of the process of discipleship.
  2. Give you a few simple tools to help you evaluate a person’s spiritual growth.
  3. Offer loads of ideas for how to disciple someone!

If we want to be spiritually mature, we must grow in our relationship with God (UP), in our relationship with other Christians (IN), and in our relationship to those who are not Christians (OUT). We must also grow in understanding of our own selves and how God has uniquely shaped us to advance His Kingdom by making other disciples (MULTIPLY).

How do I start a group?

Set up a time to meet with the youth you are working with. Then follow the instructions on the cards to guide the conversation.

Where should we meet?

A public place that isn't too loud is great so coffee shop, McDonald's, or library.

How many should I use this tool with?

It is best to have between 1-3 people in the group.