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This library of resources will help you put into practice the 5 discipleship skills outlined in the Disciples-Makers Handbook. If you have not yet seen the Disciple-Makers Handbook, and would like to, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


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Skill 1- Selection

STOP Evaluation: An evaluation form to work through in order to discern who to start discipling. Answer the questions with the names of your young people, and see which names come up multiple times. You may also find it beneficial to work through this with your team, comparing the differences in your answers.

Skill 2- Content

Faces Check In: A sheet to help conversation during the ‘Backtrack’ block of your discipleship time. Ask everyone to choose the emoji on the sheet that best represents how they have felt during the week. You may want to have them get their phones out and choose an emoji from there.

Bible Reading Highlights: A sheet to help your disciples to engage with the Bible between meeting times. Set a passage that you are all going to read by the next meeting. This could be a chapter a day, or just a few verses. Each time they read the Bible, ask them to fill in one of the boxes. This then informs the ‘Learn’ block of your discipleship time.

Meeting-Up Form: A form to help you plan what areas of life you would like to ask about. What you would like to see your disciples grow in? You fill in the first half before your meeting, and the second half afterwards.

Skill 3- Destination

Triangle Axis and Accountability Cards: Printable cards to give to your disciples. After showing them the Triangle model, have them use the axis on the card to map out what they think their triangle has looked like this week. Then, work through the questions to help them think through how they want to grow between this meeting and the next one.

Discipleship Praying and Planning Form: A form to help you areas of growth you want to highlight with your disciples, and to remind you to pray for them in those ways. This is used over a season to help them grow in a specific area, rather than changing what area you are focusing on each time you meet.

Skill 4- Environment

Environment Self-Evaluation: An evaluative exercise to help you to reflect on how you are doing at balancing how you challenge your young people with how you invite them into your life and a deeper connection with God.

Skill 5- Multiplication

Multiplication Wheel in an Online World: We are currently working on a guide for ways you can implement the Multiplication wheel in an online context. Watch this space.

If you would like any further support in how to best utilise any of these skills or resources, please either get in touch with our Training Co-ordinatior, Matt Bodinham at mbodinham@reignministries.co.uk.

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