Abigail’s Story

Could A Degree Really Be For ME?

Sometimes the idea of University can be daunting; pictures of highly academic students and those who didn’t struggle throughout school can come to mind. Maybe university makes you think of huge classrooms of people all taking notes from one person at the front. Or maybe lots of essays and exams come to mind. Are you left thinking – could a degree be for me?


Our BA (Hons) in Theology, Mission and Ministry, with a specialism in Youth Work can offer a different experience than this. We do have classes where students hear from talented facilitators, only these happen at 5 of our week conferences (one of which is online).

And whilst our students do have essays and assignments to complete, we also place a heavy emphasis on the practical work that our students do with their young people in their work based placements.

One of our alumni students, Abigail, describes herself as not being an ‘ideal university student’ after finishing high school early. However she has now graduated from the Reign Ministries degree and is thriving in her youth ministry work near Edinburgh.

We asked Abigail to describe herself and how she came to study with Reign Ministries when she didn’t think that university would be an option for her. Here’s her story…

Abigail’s Story


“I was never one for academics; I wasn’t engaged with the school curriculum very much, so when I left High School early, I didn’t think I’d go into further education. Of course, God took me on a different path and now I’ve graduated from Reign Ministries with a degree. It’s been a crazy journey but I’ve honestly loved it.

Before starting the degree, I had only been a Christian for three years, and in fact, looking back I didn’t know much about the Bible. However, I loved Jesus, had a hunger to learn more about his word, and I was willing to be challenged about my views and values.

Studying Theology and Ministry has given me the confidence and tools to start exploring the Bible deeper. It has helped me to grasp the overarching story of the Bible. Reign Ministries have also equipped me with the confidence to speak to young people about the gospel and to do God’s mission effectively.

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There’s a lot of room for honesty and support at Reign Ministries. As a relatively new Christian who hasn’t done much leadership, I mess up a lot. But, that’s okay because I know that I have the support of my classmates and my placement church. The team at Reign Ministries don’t expect you to be perfect. They cultivate a family culture which encourages us all to strive to be more like Jesus every day. And encourages us to disciple others in a relationship with the Living God.”

Could Reign Ministries be a good fit for you?

Perhaps you’re nervous about the idea of doing a degree. However, Abigail is witness to the fact that following God’s little nudges towards your calling is always worth doing. You may have thought that doing a degree was never an option for you. However, if you love Jesus and have a passion for young people then this degree could be for you!

Why don’t you come along to our next Open Day? Here you will be able to talk to students, meet some of the team and get an idea of what the degree is about. We’d love to have you!


This article was written by one of our past or current students, for a first hand feel of what the Reign Degree Program is like.

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