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“That year [on GreenHouse] was the first time I’d really received one-to-one discipleship. It gave me a lot of time to explore, understand, and develop my gifts. It really helped me to understand how to take more of a lead in my own spiritual life.”

Matt Bodinham, Season 1

Matt and his wife, Amy live in Kidlington and have pioneered The Woodstock Youthwork Trust.
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“I manage a coffee shop owned by our church and work closely with people, teenagers and adults alike. My experiences during GreenHouse have made me more comfortable to start and hold conversations with people and that has been really helpful when serving customers and working with other people.”

Ute Rossrucker, Season 2

Ute manages FLTR Coffee, a social enterprise launched by her church, Journey Communities in Bicester.
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GreenHouse was a cornerstone season in my life where God deeply shaped a passion in my heart to see the lives transformed through a disciple making movement…

Leslie Hall, Season 3

After finishing a BA in Bible and Ministry in the USA, Leslie has returned to the UK with Greater Europe Mission. She serves at St. Albans, Fulham.

My time on GreenHouse impacted me by giving me a clearer sense of my calling and identity in Christ.

Lucy Butler, Season 4

Lucy is working as a primary teacher and volunteering with a 20-30’s ministry in her local church community in Ledbury.
Sam Williams

“I’ve loved seeing our students year after year come together and learn how to better serve God, teenagers and each other. “

Sam Williams, Season 5

Sam pursued a BA in Theology and Mission with Reign Ministries. For the past three years he has served on the GreenHouse leadership team. This autumn Sam is launching a new internship initiative for Reign.

“During my time on Greenhouse God strengthened my desire to invest into young people and opened doors into youth ministry. “

Alex Hammerling, Season 6

Alex pursued a BA in Theology and Mission with Reign Ministries and has been serving young people at Bicester Methodist Church.

“My highlight is being connected with an awesome community from different places. I get support from all over the world and all the people have the same vision to make disciples who make disciples. “

Julia Konzella, Season 6

Julia is leading the youth ministry at her church in Hamburg, Germany as well as a city-wide network of youth ministers and volunteers. You can read more of Julia’s story here.
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“GreenHouse opened a door for my faith to grow, to be challenged and for me to be sent as a missionary to young people in my community.” 

Joe May, Season 7

Joe is currently serving on the leadership team of a church plant in Birmingham, employed as an evangelist to equip members of the church to carry the love of Jesus to the hurting in the city. 
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“My highlight was mainly the community building with flat mates… Living with Christians who are going through the same as you, listening and supporting each other was precious.”

Jessica Norte, Season 7

Three years later, Jessica is faithfully serving young people at Lifehouse Church in Bicester -the same church where she was placed during GreenHouse. She is also a trained teaching assistant in a local primary school.
Ali Rice

“GreenHouse gave me deep relationships with people who have cared for and supported me…” 

Ali Rice, Season 7

Ali is finishing his BA in Theology and Mission and is a Youth Minister at Witney Community Church. He also serves as a Moveolution Team Leader, taking young people on mission trips with Reign Ministries.
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“When it comes to a personal highlight, I would probably say either the Ireland trip, or the Moldova trip that year. Both challenged me to step out of my comfort zone in different ways, and lean on Jesus in environments where I would tend to want to have more control; and the lessons learned on those trips have continued to bear fruit up until today!”

Jon Stark, Season 7

Jon has graduated with a BA in Theology & Mission and is currently serving in a Baptist Church and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Theology at Oxford University.
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“I have so many highlights from my time of doing Greenhouse I guess something would be the first time we spent time together on a trip to the Lake District where we got to know the group dynamics and got to know each other. “

Emma Gray, Season 8

Emma is pursuing a BA in Theology and Mission and is doing youth ministry at two churches in Sheffield, as part of The Centenary Project.

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I am currently working at the Vineyard Church in West Auckland, County Durham. My job position is Families and Children Outreach Worker. GreenHouse helped me A LOT.  I am using the knowledge I have gained in GreenHouse and implementing it in my job here. 

Patricia, Season 8

Patricia and her husband Willian recently relocated from Austria to the UK and began serving the Vineyard Church in West Auckland.
Gap Year

GreenHouse opened the door to work with God in a way that is perfectly tailored to my desire – to love God with all my heart and disciple teenagers effectively. If it wasn’t for Greenhouse I’d be very confused about how God wired me the way I am and for what purpose.

-Emily Spicer, Season 9

Emily is pursing a BA in Theology and Mission with Reign and is placed with Journey Communities Church in Bicester.
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“It was tough from start to end because of how genuine and open they asked me to be, it was challenging me to think about others and not myself which I had never really done properly, it taught me how to serve others. It taught me how to look towards God everyday not just on days I needed to.” 

Sean Wilkinson, Season 9

Sean is pursuing a BA in Theology and Mission with Reign and is placed with Chipping Norton Community Church.
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“One highlight which changed my view on the world was the Moveolution trip to Moldova. I met people who had such strong faith. They live in poverty and yet they are still so incredible happy and thankful. They welcomed us and offered us the very best food they had. I’m still praying for the people I met there. “

Fabian Hentschel, Season 9

Fabian is currently studying economics and engineering at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany.


Joy has 20 years youth ministry experience and serves as the Development Director for Reign Ministries.

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