Darin Stevens shares: A Teenager’s First Prayer

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Darin Stevens shares: A Teenager’s First Prayer

Updated: 23 Nov 2012 | Posted by: dstevens

One of the joys – and challenges – of working with teenagers is helping them to experience God in the normal places of life.  Non-churched young people often assume that ‘God’ is that thing people do at a church building on Sunday morning.  Those more familiar with church often assume, “If I want to connect […]

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Make a Note by Joy Stevens

Updated: 18 Oct 2011 | Posted by: jstevens

My husband and I have a box in our home called our “anchor box”.  It’s filled with small objects, scraps of paper, and a big stack of written notes.  We call it our “anchor box” because it’s a physical record of significant things God has done in our lives as well as written notes that […]

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6 questions to ask myself about finding adult volunteers by Darin Stevens

Updated: 8 Dec 2010 | Posted by: dstevens

This is a continuation of Darin’s article from last week. What is my picture of a great volunteer? If it’s someone in their 20’s with a great haircut and maybe even a piercing or tattoo or two, think again.  The adult leaders who had the biggest impact in my life were in their 40’s, 50’s […]

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Postmodern Faith Journeys, Part 2 by Darin Stevens

Updated: 19 Apr 2010 | Posted by: dstevens

This is the second blog in a two-blog series. To read the first post click here. A NEW APPROACH One of my youth ministry professors always liked to quote the proverb about leading a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. “That is true, she said, but you can feed the horse salt!”  […]

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Postmodern Faith Journeys, Part 1 by Darin Stevens

Updated: 12 Apr 2010 | Posted by: dstevens

A Common Story I was recently helping out at a weekly youth drop-in; only one teenager showed up.  Ian* was 18 and had come along for a couple years now to kick the football around and shoot some pool.  Occasionally we had group discussions about God, but Ian usually kept quiet and didn’t show a […]

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