Gen Z: Understanding Gen Z’s Sexual Fluidity

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Gen Z: Understanding Gen Z’s Sexual Fluidity

Updated: 2 Apr 2019 | Posted by: dstevens

Staying true to their core values of diversity and tolerance, rather than question the cause and effect of practicing multiple sexualities and genders, Gen Z adopts a stance of complete acceptance. Want to know where we got our sources or want to learn more about Gen Z? Read our Gen Z: Recommended Reading post ” […]

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Gen Z: What Kind of Leaders will Gen Z Respond to?

Updated: 1 Apr 2019 | Posted by: dstevens

It’s been said that Gen Z have endless amounts of information but virtually no mentors. So, what kind of leaders are they looking for? Leaders Who Serve as Models We’ve been looking at Gen Z: What Every Church Needs to Think About when trying to reach the younger generation. In this, my last post of […]

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Gen Z: The Internet-in-its-Pocket Generation

Updated: 25 Mar 2019 | Posted by: dstevens

Short attention spans and socially isolated. The good and bad about this internet-in-its-pocket generation. The Smartphone The smartphone is perhaps the most significant factor that defines the distinctive behaviours of Generation Z. Some people are beginning to label it the ‘internet-in-its-pocket generation’. In contrast to the previous generations who experienced the exciting emergence of the […]

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Gen Z: What Every Church Needs to Think About

Updated: 22 Mar 2019 | Posted by: dstevens

Generation Z hasn’t rejected God as previous generations may have done. They simply don’t ever think about him. What might that mean for your church? Teenagers Past and Present We can be fairly certain that adolescents, since the emerging youth culture in the 20th Century until the present, have felt anxious about their place in […]

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Gen Z: How to Tell a Millenial from a Generation Z

Updated: 21 Mar 2019 | Posted by: dstevens

Researchers are saying Gen Z is “probably the last and arguably what will be the most influential generation in Western history.” You care about the future of the church, so it’s probably time to familiarize yourself with all things Gen Z. What Do We Mean By Gen Z? One will often hear policy makers, marketing […]

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5 Halloween Alternatives for Youth Ministry

Updated: 26 Oct 2018 | Posted by: JEllis

Halloween is a time where we want to fill our local communities with the light of God and splice through the darkness with the truth. Here are some ideas to help the youth feel like they aren’t missing out on the fun, get their friends involved and impact the community at Halloween. [nk_awb awb_type=”image” awb_stretch=”true” awb_image=”19948″ […]

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