A Son’s Perspective…

Youth Ministry Degree Course

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A Son’s Perspective…

Updated: 8 Sep 2021 | Posted by: Sam Williams

Meet Sam Williams, and hear about his journey through the Reign Degree Programme. What lead you to apply, and how did you find the application process? I had gotten to know Reign as a young person with my youth worker who was training at the time with Reign Ministries. I got to know more about […]

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Greenhouse Gap Year

Confident in the Gospel, but how about Reign Ministries?

Updated: 2 Sep 2021 | Posted by: James Yielder

It is becoming increasingly difficult these days to know and understand the theology behind a church or organisation.  A quick look on social media and YouTube will confirm that the pastor of a particular mega-church is the anti-Christ and spouting all sorts of heresy, but also confirms the opposite message that he or she are […]

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Investing in Youth Leaders

Updated: 25 Aug 2021 | Posted by: Guest

Many churches, especially through the covid period, are having to monitor their resources very closely. I find it a challenging task as to where we prioritise our churches time and energy as well. However here are three reasons why we are prioritising investment in youth and other young leaders. Young people keep us relevant to […]

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Churches are desperate for youth workers. So why can’t they find any?

Updated: 18 Aug 2021 | Posted by: Guest

Low pay, short term contracts and heavy recruitment into church leadership is resulting in a critical shortage of youth and children’s workers says Paul Friend of South West Youth Ministries. But who is to blame and what can we do about it?  I sit down to write this after two phone calls this morning before […]

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Now Is The Time To Invest In Youth Ministry! (1)

How Reign comes alongside students

Updated: 4 Aug 2021 | Posted by: Guest

Our cluster leaders have been doing fantastic work this year despite the circumstances. Watch how as Emma shares just one example of how her cluster group has encouraged, supported and helped troubleshoot with her as she looks to have a full group of volunteers this September for the new academic year!

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A new perspective on your church investment strategy.

Updated: 21 Jul 2021 | Posted by: Charlie Morris

An investment is where you put something aside now so that you can benefit from it, with growth, inthe future. Many churches have property investments, such as their worship building and perhaps arectory, vicarage, or manse, as well as some cash in the bank as reserve funds. The rest of theirmoney goes on staff costs […]

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